By | March 5, 2021

We are back again to discuss the remaining 25 lighting fixtures for decorating your living rooms that would offer you a chance to introspect your own lighting systems and do a make over to create that ‘oh so’ dramatic look! Here is the Part 1 of this post in case you missed it! Come take a look at these elegant light fixtures that are popular around the globe.

26. Recessed light fixture for wooden wall

Recessed lights offer dim lighting and are used for focusing a particular feature like the ceiling lights fixed just above the wooden walls in the picture. All around the room, one can see different styles of recessed lighting used to enhance the look. The wall with the art mural gets beautified with recessed light fixtures fitted inside the motifs that help it to shine and hog all the limelight.

27. Gray focus light fixtures with lampshades

The living room in the image looks awesome and lavish with the chic decor and also the light fixtures utilized in it. On top, there are fixed gray metallic lights that are fitted on an iron holder hung from the ceiling to act as spot lights on paintings plastered on the wall. Along with these light fixtures are also seen lampshades that offer an unique look to the room. The main focus of all these fixtures is to illuminate the paintings that are the center of attraction.

28. Fascinating ceiling lighting fixtures

Ceiling or roof lighting can do a complete make over of a room, provided it is done creatively so that the room gets lit up efficiently and has a glowing appearance. The ceiling light fixtures seen in the image project light over the entire room proportionately.

29. Decorative table lamp fixture

The table lamps anchored on the glass table top lend a unique glow to the bright living room that is also fitted with other lighting fixtures that help in accentuating its look. On the orange wall, there is a huge glowing head of a deer that is actually a lamp that adds to the glamor and creates an illuminating effect.

30. Elegant lantern chandelier light fixture

We all know that chandeliers can lend a distinctive class to any decor. Crystal chandeliers are an all time favorite, but, have you ever gone a little further and bought one that looks antique? Well, here is a lantern chandelier(in the image) with lanterns plastered on a wooden rim that is hung lowly from the ceiling.

31. Modern floor lamp lighting fixture

In the picture below is a classy room that has an amazing decor plus the lightning done is not over the top. The big white and black floor lamps placed behind the couch offer a dim glow to the room and sets the tone for a relaxed time. There are ceiling or canned lights used sparingly that makes the room appear warm and cozy.

32. Innovative LED light fixture

LED lighting can create a visual extravaganza for any room and these are used by a large chunk of people who cannot think of living in a house without LED lights. There are many newer and innovative ways to install LED lighting fixtures around the house such as the one in the image. The pink LED light is seen emerging from a fixture that is fitted behind the big screen. It lends a pleasant and glamorous look to the room.

33. Elegant indoor lighting fixtures

The light fixtures hung from the roof of this room look extremely attractive with very contemporary feel to them. The metal light fixtures with white light lend a more cool look to the room. One can change the look of the room in an instant with these chic fixtures.

34. Elegant spot and pendant lighting fixtures

A home can get a total make over with proper lighting. In the image are seen two different types of lighting that create magic inside. There is seen a beautiful and modern looking white pendant light fixture hung on top of the dining table, and also spot lights that aim to illuminate the green colored walls and the big television fixed on it. These fixtures are used for ambient lighting.

35. Elegant task lighting fixtures

Task light fixtures are used for illuminating or highlighting a specific area or object in a house such as the light fixtures that are fitted inside the wall cabinets. There are various show pieces arranged therein that need to be highlighted and the best way to bring out their charm is to install task or focus lights over them.

36. Elegant corner torchiére for ambient lighting

The room looks calm and cozy with ambient lighting offered by the tall floor lamp, also known as Corner torchiére that keeps the light or glow within the glass shade and illuminates it from within, thereby, creating a dim light inside the room. This type of lighting takes less electricity and is more pocket friendly.

37. Elegant utility lighting fixtures

Utility light fixtures are more pocket friendly and are not showy or very ornamental in look. They are meant for everyday use and are durable. The image shows two metal lamps arranged on corners of this living room that are not very stylish but offer basic lighting that light up the area pretty efficiently.

38. Elegant task light fixtures and lamps

The gorgeous looking task light fixtures hanging from the roof help in defining the personality of this living room. The metallic black fixtures add glamor to the room along with the two modern looking lamps arranged besides the couch and the white console table. The room looks bright and lit up with an effective mix of these two lighting fixtures.

39. Gorgeous Lampshade with focus light fixtures

The spot lights fixed on top of the paintings helps in accentuating their beauty. Together with these elegant light fixtures, the room also houses a beautiful table lamp that offers dim lighting and creates a cozy comfortable feeling for the guests. The room comes alive with an eclectic blend of task as well as ambient lighting.

40. Tray ceiling rope light fixture

Houses with tray ceilings are best lit up with rope lights that create a special look and feel. The room as you can see below gets a unique glow only because of rope lights fitted on the tray ceiling. Apart from the rope light, there are modern looking pendant lights and ceiling light fixtures fitted on the roof.

41. Overhead fixture and floor lamp fixtures

This dreamy living room has been made to look this way with a very posh and contemporary floor lamp that acts as a decorative piece itself. Along with it, there is a white metallic over head light fixture used for both general as well as task lighting. On the side glass table is arranged a white glass lampshade that looks quite elegant.

42. Eclectic hanging light and lampshade fixture

The ceramic finished lampshade looks stylish against the bright orange wall of the room and serves perfectly to offer focus lighting whereby the main highlight is the painted wall and the painting. There is a hanging overhead fixture that also lends a glowing touch to the whole room, making it appear dreamy and wonderful.

43. Elegant focus light fixtures above the painting gallery

The room is definitely a part of a dream home that is tastefully decorated and lighting is one element here that surprises us since it is a perfect blend of ambient, task and portable lighting techniques. Just on top of the gallery with paintings, there are focus lights that offer task lighting and along with these there is a hanging overhead fixture of lamp chandelier that offers general lighting to the room.

44. Classic Tiffany lamp fixtures

Tiffany lamps look colorful and add a dash of glamor to any home. These lamps are available in many designs and are loved for their unique look. The Tiffany lamps arranged in this wooden living room look not just elegant but also offer brightness that is subtle. These lamps are anchored at various places to create uniform lighting.

45. Stylish accent lamp fixtures

If you have some feature or object in your living area that needs to be highlighted more than any other thing, accent lighting can definitely help in this regard. The two golden and shimmering lamps anchored at one corner help in creating a warm glow inside the room. These illuminate the corner very well and this helps in accentuating the look of the room.

46. Sweet under cabinet LED lighting fixture

One can do wonders to his or her room with LED light strips to make it a dreamy place to chill and relax. Under the cabinet LED lighting is very much in vogue and these come in various colors depending on your whims. The image shows a LED light fixture fitted under the wooden cabinet that illuminates the background and creates a mystical look.

47. Elegant mini pendant light fixtures

Mini pendant light fixtures are wonderful agents to compliment recessed lighting that are usually hung over dining areas and sitting places too. These offer a warm flow of light on any area as desired. The mini pendant fixtures seen here look quite elegant and offer spot lighting too.

48. Pendant lamp fixture on top of pottery

When choosing to keep terracotta work like pots at one corner of your living room, do make some changes to the lighting and place pendant lamps over such art work as it will help to highlight it better than any other lighting fixture. These lights are used to lit up darker corners of homes.

49. Flush mount light fixture for low ceilings

Rooms that have low ceilings can also look properly lit up with flush mount light fixtures or even semi flush mount fixtures. The wall of this room is illuminated with flush mount fixtures that project a subtle glow from within the lamp and create a comfy look and feel inside the room. These come in various designs and can be used as an extra layering of light in addition to the chandeliers or other fixtures.

50. Beautiful wall sconce fixture

Wall sconces are multi functional fixtures that could be used, both for lighting as well as decorative pieces to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home. The picture below shows an iron sconce that has candles fixed on its rim and looks quite an ornamental piece itself. These sconces help in complimenting the decor and add a contrasting effect to it. These can also be used for illuminating any work of art.