By | March 5, 2021

Proper lighting is a prerequisite when you think of remodeling or renovating your house. Without sufficient lighting, a room can look dull and dark, thereby bringing in negative energy inside the house. However, one needs to research a lot when thinking of buying lighting fixtures to style up his or her living area as there are a variety of options available in the market that can create a lot of confusion. Hence, take help from this post that is going to list down the top 50 lighting fixtures that are elegant and stylish. This is the first part of this post that will list down 25 fixtures for your perusal.

1. Elegant white lampshade

The basement living area looks illuminated with this elegant looking white lampshade anchored on a console table. The table is placed just next to the chunky couch. The glow emanating from the lamp spreads throughout the room and makes it appear bigger and brighter.

2. Elegant ceiling lighting fixtures

The living room shown in the picture below looks quite huge and very bright, courtesy, the efficient lighting that lends a glow to the room. The roof light fixtures are fitted all across the room and offer a very vibrant look to the room. There are trendy chandeliers too fitted on the roof above the kitchen.

3. Contemporary and elegant chandelier fixture for living room

The living room looks bright and quite spacious with effective lighting done on all corners, for example, the modern and trendy chandelier that is fitted just on top of the sitting area and looks very sophisticated. The hanging chandelier matches well with the white painted walls and the two cream couches.

4. Elegant pendant chandelier fixture for living room

Any kind of room would look brighter and more appealing with pendant chandeliers that are very popular and are largely demanded by customers for their chic look. These chandeliers are elegant in appearance and also look classy against any setting or decor. The pendant chandeliers seen in the picture are fitted on a high roof which adds a shimmer to the entire room.

5. Elegant ceiling light fixture

Most ceiling light fixtures are used to create general lighting and are available in different styles and makes. The one seen here is a big roundel ceiling light made of glass and metal that looks classy yet modern. It compliments the decor of the room and makes it appear bright.

6. Elegant chandelier mimicking wax lights

Chandeliers often add to the personality and appeal of a room. In many cases, the decor of a house depends directly on the style of the chandeliers fitted. The chandelier seen here has electronic lights but the effect created is that of natural light emanating from the candles that are fitted on its outer metal ring. It looks quite traditional and elegant with the decor of the room.

7. Elegant recessed lighting fixture

Recessed lighting installation in a room increases its appeal manifolds. In other words, this type of lighting fixture offers defused lighting or lighting that doesn’t poke your eyes with sharpness. Rather, the look is cool and serene that lends a soft feel to the room. The recessed lighting installations fitted in the room below make it serene in appearance.

8. Wonderful ambient light fixtures

Seen in the picture are a multiple number of small colorful red and yellow light fixtures fitted from the ceiling that offer ambient lighting that aren’t sharp on your eyes. These lights are called ambient since these create a dim glow inside the room.

9. Bright full LED living room fixture

The living room in the image appears some kind of a glowing spaceship whose roof is fitted with glittering lights. Yes, the ceiling of this awesome looking room is installed with many LED fixtures that add brightness and shine to the whole room. LED lights lend style and elegance to any area, whether bedrooms or dining.

10. Elegant arc-lamp fixture

Arc lamps are not just appealing to the eyes but are also perfect for such rooms that have low ceilings. For example, in the image below, the room has low ceiling and instead of fitting a chandelier as the main lighting fixture, a metallic arc lamp has been placed at such a corner that creates more space for the room and offers a gentle feel to it.

11. Elegant globe light fixture

Pendant lights look good with any kind of decor, particularly contemporary houses as these are very trendy in design. The one in the image is a modern globe shaped pendant light fitted on the ceiling just above the sitting place. The globe pendant looks very elegant against the wooden finished walls of the room.

12. Elegant overhead mounted fixtures

These mounted fixtures fitted on top of the painting, on the walls,and on the ceiling offer ambient lighting and create a cozy comfortable look in the room. Focus lights fitted over the painting on the wall helps to illuminate it and makes it look ethereal. Overhead fixtures in this image are quite sophisticated and add to the persona of the room.

13. Decorative ceiling fan with light fixture

Another cool way to light up your living area is to install lights on the ceiling fan that looks decorative. Seen in the picture is a white living room that appears serene with the white walls and the ornamental fan installed with light fixtures. The fan gets lit up the moment you switch it on which creates a warm glow inside the room.

14. Subtle up-lighting fixtures

The light fixtures fitted on top of this wooden roof helps in creating an illuminating effect, thereby, accentuating the look of the room. The ceiling fixtures make the color of the wood more appealing to the eyes. Such fixtures look good with conical shaped ceilings. Also, the media cabinet is fitted with defused lights that make the art pieces glow but subtly.

15. Rustic and elegant light fixtures

There is elegance in rustic farmhouses too if the decor is done up with a little creativity and imagination. This is what can be seen here in the image that shows a farmhouse styled decor of a living room that is fitted with rustic furnishings and fittings, including a rustic looking metallic brown hanging chandelier. The chandelier matches with the rest of the decor and lends a dim glow to the whole setting.

16. Elegant rope lighting fixtures

For such living rooms that have tray ceilings, like the one in the image, one should opt to install rope lights as the one shown here. These rope lights create a distinctive glow inside the room and are available in lot of colors like blue, orange and red. For a newer and fresher look, get these lights installed today!

17. Stunning floor lamp fixture

Set against the light wooden window casings and light textured flooring of the room is anchored a stunning looking floor lampshade made of metal. Lampshades, as this one, can be fixed anywhere in the room depending on your tastes. It creates a glowing effect but isn’t used for general lighting that is taken care by the roof light fixtures fitted on top.

18. Elegant metallic chandelier with ceiling light fixtures

The living room of this house is styled as per Tuscan architecture where we can see an exotic fireplace and awesome cream couches that compliment the decorative and massive metallic chandelier with electronic candle lights fitted on the ceiling. Also, there are diffused ceiling lights installed that work together in creating a shimmering glow inside the room.

19. LED strips on ceiling perimeter

The look and feel of this room is Mediterranean and hence is bright and showy! During the day, the window lets in sun rays to illuminate the inside. However, in the nights, it is the combined effect of lamps, hanging light fixture and mounted lights fitted all across that lends a glow to the room. The most attractive part about the lighting in this room is the LED strip that is plastered on the border of the ceiling.

20. Tuscan style lighting fixtures

The setting of the room in the picture is Tuscan in style that looks elegant and sophisticated with accessories made of wrought iron. The white light fixture fitted on top of the dining area is made of wrought iron and matches very well with the candle sconces placed on the table.

21. Elegant focus light fixtures

The living room as seen below looks vibrant because of the large door that lets in sun rays plus the focus lights installed on the ceiling. Focus lights are used to illuminate a certain portion or object inside the room and aren’t used for general lighting. Apart from these lights, we can also spot an arc lampshade anchored on one corner.

22. Elegant iron lantern fixture

An American styled living room, it looks elegant with its iron lantern hung from the ceiling. The lantern looks classic and blends well with the white draperies and huge light colored rug spread on the floor.

23. Victorian chandelier fixture

The massive shimmering chandelier fixed on the high ceiling looks exotic with the Victorian setting inside the room. The chandelier is fitted for general lighting of the room that appears glowing with radiance. On top of the fireplace are placed two Victorian antique candle lamp holders that accentuate the look.

24. Elegant lamp fixtures on walls

The decor of the living room in the image below is modern and its charm gets accentuated with the efficient lighting done inside that seems to radiate a unique glow. Apart from the crystal candle chandelier, there are lamp fixtures on the walls. The lampshades are fixed on the two walls at the entrance of the living area to create a glowing effect.

25. Elegant spot lighting fixtures

Rooms, whether small or big need proper lighting in order to feel good, and what better way than to illuminate your living areas with bright spot lights that can be installed anywhere on the walls! In the image, there are spot lights fitted on top of the open wall cabinets which house a number of show pieces. The well lit up cabinets appear to be shimmering.