By | March 4, 2021

Planning to redecorate your living rooms? If yes, then you can opt to have an open plan for your room and add more color and space to it. I am listing out the top 18 traditional open living room ideas for those that love free movement around the house, but at the same time enjoy their privacy. Take a look below and get going:

1. Grand open plan living room

This living room is grand in real sense of the term with traditional furniture and lamps decorated to accentuate the appearance. The room looks bigger since there is a staircase built that leads on to a different room constructed at a height. The room looks very spacious and is closely built with the dining area. The cabinets and wall color add to the grandness of the whole room.

2. Wonderful open living room

Pastels add more elegance to any room and its doing great wonders here in this awesome living room that has pastels splashed all across. The furniture and the rug are arranged neatly to give a feeling of space and the room is closely built along with the dining area as well as the kitchen. The massive white door leads to the swimming pool and the view offered is fantastic.

3. Sleek traditional open floor living room

The living room in the image is traditional but looks quite chic and smart with its open floor plan that houses the dining, the kitchen and the living areas, all built comfortably within arms length. The look of the room is sleek and there isn’t cluttering that makes the room look dark and messy. With a few showpieces and cool furniture, the room appears huge and bright.

4. Gorgeous open living room

The open kitchen with wooden finish and attached dining area looks very cozy along with the open living room that is anchored with blue and white furniture blending perfectly with the decor. On the other side of the massive room, there is another seating area for fitting more guests. The kitchen here is centrally built in order to become the hub where one can cook while entertaining guests.

5. Beautiful open living room

The kitchen and living space in this house are designed as per open plan and look beautiful with patterns and colors splashed all over. The living room is anchored with a patterned ottoman and smart armchairs and has lot of space for free movement towards the kitchen and dining area.

6. Spacious open living room

The kitchen and dining area are directly seen from the living area where your guests can watch you cook, though, not from a very close distance. The area is designed in such a way that you will get all your privacy but at the same time, not feel distant from the people relaxing in these two spaces.

7. Vintage open living room

The traditional living room in this picture looks extremely gorgeous with its exotic furnishings and its close proximity to the kitchen that makes it appear too appealing. The texture for the decor is wooden and is to be seen everywhere.

8. Relaxed open living room

This awesome open living room looks very relaxing where one can cook while conversing with guests. The room is anchored with comfy looking sofas that look chunky and smart. The look of the room is open and very serene with less furnishings and more view. The easy access to the kitchen makes this room comfortable.

9. Elegant open living room

The living room looks not just big but very elegant and classy with its close proximity to the open kitchen. The kitchen and dining area are inbuilt together and provide a direct view of the sitting space. The chunky sofas look elegant together with wooden finished cabinets and wall color.

10. Traditional open living room with balcony

The room looks huge and bright, courtesy, the open style that makes it appear very spacious. The living room is kept free of clutter and is built closely to the huge balcony that offers a panoramic view of the landscape and natural surroundings. The tribal patterned rug breaks the monotony of white and pastels, thereby, lending style to the room.

11. Traditional ranch style open living room

This living room is an example of architectural marvel and looks smart and very cozy with an open plan where there is a designated area meant for playing pool. The stone and wooden finishes add brightness and so do the beautiful leather couches that add glamor. The living room looks bright because of the efficient lighting and big windows.

12. Traditional and simple open living room

With brown and beige colors used, the living room looks very sophisticated and traditional. The design is open which allows you to work in the kitchen while watching television or interacting with family. The room looks simple with no clutter and ample space to move about.

13. Sophisticated open living room

The living room seen here is massive with wooden flooring and a beautiful jute carpet that covers the whole floor. The design is open wherein there is freedom of movement from one corner to another. On one corner, there is a wall cabinet with lighting that is used to place decorative items. The idea is to have no doors that segregate the living room from others.

14. Smart traditional open living room

The open living room seen here looks very attractive and smart with traditional decorative pieces and couches placed comfortably. The arches built make the room appear big and lend it more height. The open gallery offers a free passage to take the stairs up with ease.

15. Serene traditional open living room

The image below is an example of a mind blowing living room idea that inspires one to do away with conventional designs and adopt this open style that incorporates a siting area as well a dining space, both looking cozy and comfortable. With massive windows and golden beige curtains, the room comes alive and looks glamorous.

16. Serene traditional open living

The white book cabinet anchored in the open living room looks very smart and is a great way to store books conveniently. The living room looks comfortable and is directly viewed from the dining hall as well. The library offers a relaxing place to converse and read while you watch your family at the same time.

17. Calm traditional open living room

If you love your privacy but at the same time have an open area dedicated for entertaining guests, choose this idea, as in the picture below, that not only looks good but also becomes the hub for all the activities. Seen here, is a living room with an open plan that is accessible to the kitchen and a small office room, while not looking crammed up.

18. Wonderful open living room

Open living rooms not only look more stylish but also lend more space to your house just like the one we see in the image. The living room here is a wonderfully decorated area that is closely built near the kitchen but a little away from it to avoid being bothered with smoke and other kitchen gases. Just in front of the seating area, there is a white cabinet to store books and the usage of light colored lamps adds beauty.

Open living, now a days, has become the trend with many people designing their living rooms as per the open plans. The above list shows you the top traditional open room ideas that can help you redecorate your living spaces as per your tastes. Open floor plans are popular since these add more space and also look smart and chic.