By | March 4, 2021

Spring season is here and if you are redecorating your living areas now, it is suggested that you read the following 15 tips on how to design the interiors of your living rooms with the spring theme. These tips would definitely help you bring about a positive change in the style of your rooms easily. The tips are handy and anyone can utilize these to do some makeover of their rooms. Here they are:

1. Add vibrant colors to the living room

Transform your boring looking living areas by replacing all dull colors with bold reds and purples all around. The room in the image looks lively with bold red carpet, cushion and a trendy vase placed on the center table. Other bright colors like orange and yellow spruce up your spirits and enlivens your senses.

2. Use of spunky patterned pillows

One tip to ensure that your living room looks fresh and spruced up is by doing away with pastel colored cushions and replacing them with bright patterned pillows. This will work wonders for your room just like it does for the room seen below. The multi colored pillows placed on the couch add a bright touch to the room and makes you energized.

3. Use of awesome light colored wall art

Doing some necessary changes to your walls will bring in good results such as this bight yellow colored modern art work on the wall that’s creating magic. The yellow and white patterned wall art adds serenity to the room and makes you feel relaxed and composed. The brightness on the light painted wall zings up your style quotient.

4. Choose a Bohemian style for your living room

Bohemian styled living rooms look fresh and evergreen with graphic floral patterned curtains and sofa upholstery as can be seen in the room below. The green color adds freshness into a room and makes it breathable. Matching with the colorful sofa is a wooden chair looking smart. The rug too lends serenity with its light green color.

5. Use of metal bird cages as decorative pieces

Sometimes a tiny object like a birdcage can do wonders for your boring living room as it offers an all dimensional display of any decorative piece arranged within it like a plant pot or a birds nest. In the image there are two cages arranged in the room that look terrific with the green tones present in the curtains and the ottoman.

6. Use of colorful flowers inside the living room

One can spice up their living rooms by keeping flower arrangements anywhere. Yes, the living room in the image looks fresh and very lively with floral arrangement in vases that are placed on the white center table and console table. The whole white and pink look of the room brightens up the day and looks pure.

7. Spice up your windows with colorful Roman blinds

The room below is a perfect place to chill out in the spring season with lots of colors thrown in everywhere. The best part about this living room are the windows that are decorated with colorful striped blinds involving bright shades of orange and yellow. Sometimes adding a little change to your windows can work wonders in lending a whole new look to your room.

8. Use of coasters as colorful frames

Sometimes its best to use inexpensive or old coasters to decorate and style up your living rooms for spring as these are affordable and look very nice. In the image are a few picture frames that are made at home with old coasters that add brightness and liven up the room. The round coaster with a birdie in the middle fits perfectly inside the square wooden frame.

9. Use of colorful floral wallpaper for living room

A colorful illusion on a wall can be created using a textured or printed wallpaper to freshen up a room just as the light green floral wallpaper adorning the walls of this living room. The look is suitable for spring as it livens up your mood and matches nicely with the green sofa, lamp and the carpet.

10. Use of pink color for a bright look

Pink is one such color that can breathe new life to any room. Spring season is the time when one must imbibe lots of pink in their rooms either on walls, curtains or flower vases. Below image is of a pretty pink room that looks serene and cool with floral prints used on pillows. The pink shades remove the dullness and add shine to a room.

11. Use of decoupage for spring themed living room

One can bring spring home by doing away with the ordinary decorative items and replacing some of them with beautiful leaf and floral patterned decoupage items that enhance the look of a room and also freshen up the mood. The fall leaf decoupage work done on the paper pumpkins look very beautiful and add shine to the room. Each of these leaves symbolizes a season and can accentuate the look of a room easily.

12. Use of peel and stick wall decal for living room

One can change the very look of his or her room by simply sticking a bright decal consisting of any motif on the walls that otherwise look plain and boring. The colorful dahlia wall decal looks bright and adds color that is the main theme of spring. The shades used are varied and match well with the soft wall paint and the couch.

13. Choose a springtime paint color to change the look of the room

Sometimes adding a different paint color on the walls is the easiest way to bring about a transformation in the way your room appears. One can do makeovers with paints by painting either the whole wall or some parts of it to match with the rug or other accessories present in the room. In the picture, the walls have been painted in pink but a portion has been plastered with cream boards that have been decorated with hand made sketches of birds and cages.

14. Green fern centerpiece for spring themed living room

Green is the color of spring and what better way to decorate your room than doing it up with a crisp fern centerpiece that would offer a relaxing time and add freshness to your room? The fern in the image is planted in a low footed glass vase and this makes them look neat. Ferns are available everywhere and are economical too.

15. Use of natural and lightweight rugs for living room

Spring is the time when one needs to do away with heavy and cumbersome carpets and replace them with cool and colorful rugs that are made of natural materials and are light weight. In the image is a beautiful rug with brown and orange patterns designed on the white background. It looks cool and adds brightness to the room.

Spring time is fun and why should your living rooms be devoid of any of it when you can easily follow these 15 tips and bring about a change in them that would bring in freshness and new appeal. These tips are easy and very affordable and anyone can take help by keeping these in mind. Just remember to add on lots of colors to your room and see the change happening!