By | March 4, 2021

Living rooms are perhaps the most used areas in houses where one spends a considerable chunk of their time. As such these rooms need to be decorated well so as to lend a feeling of comfort. Look below to feast your eyes on the top 15 dark living room ideas that are stylish and elegant at the same time:

1. Dark grey living room

The living room in the picture has been decorated with grey all over and looks a pretty sight. To compliment this grey, the designer has thrown in brighter shades of yellow, pink and dark maroon that offers a good contrast. The wall color and the sofa are all grey while the center coffee table, the painting and the big cushion are in brighter shades that make the room look vibrant.

2. Stylish living room with dark brown wood paneling

The living room looks smart with its dark brown painted wooden wall that forms a nice backdrop against the brown colored couch and the white console tables. The dark brown wall is made of wood and lends a smart touch to the look and feel of the room.

3. Dark Italian living room

The dark brown color of the majestic looking couch, the dark wooden steps, the brown cabinet and the rectangular pink table offer a cozy look and feel to this awesomely decorated Italian room that is huge and has only a massive rug anchored on the floor that is white and light in color. The room’s decor is dark and this makes it appear stylish and smart.

4. Dark brown living room

The soft wall color of this room offers a good contrast to the dark brown leather couches and the smart suede ottoman. The leather couches offer the only dark elements in the room while the wall color is light grey. This mix of grey and dark brown makes the room look comfy and quite smart.

5. Dark blue living room

The usage of a darker shade of blue on the walls makes this room appear beautiful. The blue looks great against the white carpet, the trendy lamp and the lemon colored couches.

6. Living room with dark brown curtains

The living room in the image is a perfect blend of light and dark colors that makes it look beautiful and trendy. The contrasting decorative colors like pink and cream add more life to the room that has darker elements too, present in the curtain hung on the huge window. It is dark brown and matches well with the metallic dark arm chair and the lighting.

7. Dark black living room

The living room here is an elegant place decorated with dark colors and decorative items that are nice and very stylish to look. The room looks organized with black cabinet, sofa and couch. Dark black is the main theme of the room that makes it look really sophisticated. The red and maroon shades blend nicely to fit flawlessly in to the room.

8. Stylish dark living room with black wall and carpet

The walls of the room are black and offer a fantastic contrast with the white couch and light colored ottoman. The carpet too is dark black that looks extremely stylish and pleasing to the eyes. The painting hung on the black wall offers a charming sight and so does the black glass cabinet placed at one corner of the room.

9. Bold dark pink and black living room

If you look closely, you would notice that the room looks pleasant with darker shades of pink and black strewn here and there. While, the walls are textured with silver and black, the rug anchored on the floor is dark pink that makes the room appear bright and bold. The deep purplish pink couch looks good too.

10. Dark eclectic living room

The dark and white room looks elegant and very stylish with a dark black open cabinet and dark windows that are made of wood. The rug placed is red and looks nice with the white colored walls in the room. The cushions on the couch are dark pink that go very well with the lighter elements in the room.

11. Trendy dark living room

Looking at this room would surely bring your temperatures down as it offers a cozy and bright sitting area that is infused with dark as well as bright colors. The dark black walls and the floor make the room very stylish and these gel well with the reds and yellows popped up throughout the room.

12. Sultry dark living room

The look of this room reminds me of a similar sitting area I saw in a palace that was teamed up with gold and dark black elements everywhere. The room here is a good mix of black and gold that are present. The black colored massive couch and the wooden metallic walls bring in the darker elements while the textured wall behind the couch offers relief with golden hues. Along with the couch, there is a golden sofa that blends in nicely to create a wonderful look.

13. Glamorous dark living room

The glamorous look of this room is created with a perfect harmony between the white walls, ceiling and the black flooring, center table, couches and book cabinet. The massive white chandelier too adds to the beauty.

14. Bright dark living room

With bright orange and dark black colors splashed copiously, the room has to look vibrant and lively. One can see a dark black traditional sofa with light brown wooden borders that look smart along with dark brown flooring.

15. Amazing dark living room

The darker tones present in the cushions and sofa make the room look bright and amazing to the eyes. The light toned walls offer a charming contrast and so does the rug that blends effectively with the dark wooden flooring. The living room has a perfect match of light and dark tones.

Dark colors add style and glamor to your living rooms. It is not only the light colors or pastels that do wonders, but, sometimes, a mix and match between these two shades can double up the style ‘o’ meter and make your living rooms the most desired areas where one can spend time with family. Choose any dark living room design and see the change!