By | March 4, 2021

How about redecorating your living room as per the current trends of the year 2014? If you are seriously thinking about decorating your living room, read the post below and get inspired by the top 15 living room decoration ideas that are creating waves this year. A living room is the most important place in our homes as we spend the maximum time here, relaxing and chilling out with friends and family. How about making some changes and see how your room becomes the center of attraction for all? Take a look below:

1. Enchanting living room

The room looks as if its an abode of the enchantress, ready to empower you with its beautiful decor. The highlight of the room is the window that is beautifully decorated with beige colored curtains hung from a height. The wall color and the painting gel well together. Also, the cushions and the center table match the color combination present in the room. The yellow vase with flowers captures your attention as you enter the room. It looks regal and very beautiful.

2. Minimalist living room

Minimalist rooms are in fashion this 2014 with maximum attention on space. The living room seen below is a spacious looking place that has been decorated with light colored walls and simple yet trendy furniture like sofas, center table and a cabinet. There isn’t anything else that is messing up the place.

3. Splashing colors living room

If there is anything that actually works wonders for your living room is the color contrast element present in the room. Below, you can see the image of a living room that is so immersed in various colors that it looks as if festivities are just about to start! Yes, there are splashes of yellow, red and green colors all over the place, starting from cushions, rug to sofas. These colors make the room vibrant and help remove any tension from within. Along with the colorful cushions, the owners have opted to hang bright orange curtains to add more zing and flavor. The cream ottoman looks just too charming and offers a total contrast to the colorful backdrop.

4. Comfortable modern living room

If there is anything that attracts me towards a room, it has to be the comfort first. A living room needs to be comfortable for you to relax and unwind. Seen here is a room that is modern in looks and is very comfy. The furniture is light gray and mustard, gelling well with the light colored walls. The room looks good with small paintings hung on the wall.

5. Contemporary cute living room

Living rooms that are contemporary or modern have always been a favorite with many people who like the trendy furniture and other fittings that look quite stunning. The living room depicted below is a modern spacious living room that has been styled as per contemporary design. There is an attached balcony with the room wherein a sitting arrangement has been made with light wooden chairs that look smart. Inside the living room, the wall paint and the furniture gel well with each other. The cream colored sofa set looks great with the stone finished fireplace. The fireplace looks attractive and catches your fancy the moment you step inside. The room looks fresh because of the balcony as well as a window that lets in fresh air and copious amount of sunlight.

6. Cozy living room

Cozy and warm are two important elements that anyone would look for while decorating their new living room. The living room shown below is a very cute and cozy place where a family can spend time with each other comfortably. It doesn’t matter if the weather outside is cold or hot when you have a perfect smart fireplace that looks just awesome. The fireplace built on the front wall is not a traditional type and looks quite chic. Just above it is hung a flat TV where children can also watch their kiddish stuff. The windows have jute finished curtains that look good with the walls.

7. Rustic living room

If you love country houses that look rustic and smart, this decoration idea may best suit your likes. The room as you can see is styled on rustic designs that look smart and very warm. There are many highlights inside the room like a huge stone fireplace, wooden rooftop and a beautiful cane chandelier hanging from the top. Apart from this, there are a number of small focus lights fitted all over the roof which makes the room well lit and vibrant. There is a smart leather recliner sofa with leg rest that lends beauty to the whole decor.

8. Cool living room

The room seen here is an epitome of smartness with a major highlight that is rare to find in other homes. Yes, this highlight would be the colorful framed holiday posters that are fitted on the wall behind the sofa set. With a myriad of colors on display, the room comes alive and kicking! The sofas are of light green and white colors that gel very well with the flooring and the walls.

9. Moroccan living room

Moroccan home designs are very much in fashion in 2014 with many homeowners renovating their rooms as per these styles. There are many reasons why this decorating style looks good. Firstly, these are colorful. Secondly, these are traditional and thirdly, these come in variety of shades and styles. The living room in the picture is a classic traditional Moroccan home design that imbibes lots of browns into its decor. The best decorative part in the room has to be the sitting area that is typically Moroccan in style with cushion soft stools and a flat table. These stools or ottomans are classy. The room has also been decorated with floor sitters that are decorated with cushions that makes the area appear too warm and cozy. Another image shows a massive glass table placed on a huge rug with matching sofas and a plant pot. Both the looks are amazing.

10. Simple living room

A room as simple as this one looks pretty neat and attractive. With light patterned tiles on the flooring and comfortable couches, the room looks bigger and clean. There is not one iota of dirt that can be traced. The living room is decorated without putting anything extravagant anywhere.

11. Contemporary forest house living room

If you love nature to be in your home all through out the year, it is your best option to select a forest home decoration idea that will make your living room alive and fresh. The design is modern with ipnotic architectural practice adopted here. By ipnotic architecture, we mean such architecture that concentrates to bring more space inside a room instead of filling it up uselessly. The flooring is made of wood that gels well with the black colored sofa set and a cool natty metal chair with black cushions. On the floor there is a black and white printed rug that looks sassy and matches well with the decor.

12. Stunning living room

The light brown sofas look stunning in this awesomely decorated living room that is beautiful in every sense of the term. The sectional sofas just add to the majestic charm of the room and makes it warm and cozy to look. The coffee brown table or stool can be used to sit as well as to keep anything. These sectional sofas are fitted to make the room spacious.

13. Modern apartment living room

Modern designs are in vogue this year and why should you be left behind when decorating your living room? If you have an apartment and wish to decorate your living room, select the design idea that is shown in the picture below. The living room is huge with light brown and white sofa sets placed on either sides. There are a number of decorative pieces arranged neatly all over the place like a flat TV, a console table with art pieces, a natty lampshade with steel rod, paintings and shelves. The windows are placed in such a way that proper sunlight passes through the glasses, making the room bright and fresh.

14. Captivating living room

The room looks captivating with its flat TV, cushions and light colored furniture that gel well with the decor. The room is small but the decoration has been done in such a way so as to eliminate any kind of clutter. It looks cozy and warm.

15. Wallpaper living room

There are many elements to consider while decorating your homes, and wall designing is an equally important part. As you all can see, the living room shown below gets transformed into a more lively place with just the walls that have been decorated with flowery patterned wallpaper. The walls of this room look fresh and charming with little blue butterflies flying here and there together with pinkish blossom that lends a unique charm to the look of the room. Matching with the wallpaper is a blue trendy chair along with a furry rug to complete the beauty.

Living rooms must look good at all times and one can now make their room look bright and stylish by choosing any of the 15 decorating ideas selected specially for you. From lighting to placing furniture, room decoration covers a huge arena and is not an easy job. If you are someone who is keen to upgrade your style, look no further but refer to my post for help and guidance.