By | March 4, 2021

The living room is an often used space in the house, used mostly by its inhabitants for relaxation and socializing. A colorless and lackluster room strikes a depressing note while on the other hand a bright and cheery living room acts as an uplifting agent and fills one with optimism. If you are not satisfied with the décor of your living room there are ways and means by which you can change the décor for the brighter look. With some bit of planning and taking the help of some creative ideas you can convert your dark and cramped living room into an airy and bright space. Here are 15 Helpful Tips for Creating Bright Living Rooms:

1. Paint the walls and ceiling white

White acts as a great reflecting agent hence if you want a brighter room consider painting the walls and ceiling of your living room in white. A dark colored ceiling and walls cast dark shadows over the room making the room look duller in appearance while a white wall will lend an appearance of brightness to the room. If you are wary of coloring your entire room white then just paint the ceilings white – that in itself would be sufficient to make a dramatic difference to the room.

2. Add colors

To get a bright atmosphere in your living room you have to add colors to the room in liberal doses. You could either paint an entire wall in bright vivid colors or you can just paint the soffit in a different color from the rest of the room – the choice is entirely yours. Alternatively you can cover your walls in reflective wallpaper that will reflect the light falling on it and make the room look brighter. Throw in a multicolored cushion, a vibrant rug or add some colorful decor items and see your room taking on an entirely new color.

3. Natural lighting

Natural lighting is the best way by which you can brighten up a room. Try utilizing natural lighting to the utmost. A great way to utilize natural light is by the addition of large windows to the living room space. Another idea is to do away with large heavy curtains in the living room and replace them with lighter variants which allow natural light to filter through.

4. Add mirrors

Adding mirrors to the living room can help create a bright space. Mirrors reflect light and make the room appear brighter than it normally is. To achieve a bright look you have to strategically place the mirror such that it is able to reflect the sunlight during the day and reflect artificial light during the night. A floor to ceiling mirrors or even a wall mirror can brighten up your room considerably.

5. Clutter-free

Adding too much of furniture and décor items to your living room can create an atmosphere of darkness. If you want to brighten your room then the first step should be to de-clutter it as much as possible and do away with the non-essential stuff. If you cannot live without a display unit you can go for wall mounted shelving which will not only clear up the space but also eliminate the shadows caused by your furniture.

6. Large windows

Windows let in ample sunlight into a room and make the room look brighter. The larger the windows the brighter the room would appear. Thus try to add windows to your living room if it is lacking in one. If there are existing windows but they are small you can try to widen them. Of course all this can be achieved only with professional help.

7. Glass furniture

Glass is not only handy when it comes to doors, it can also be incorporated into the furniture to give the room a bright look. Transparent glass tables, glass cabinets and mirrors will reflect light in the room creating brightness. An oversized glass topped coffee table with lights focused on it will definitely add to the brightness of the room.

8. Reflective flooring

Reflective flooring is a great way to make a room look bright. After the ceiling, the flooring occupies maximum area so what goes on here will have a big impact on the overall tone of the room. Tiles in lighter shades, materials like marble etc will add to the brightness of the room.

9. Artificial lights

Poorly lit rooms look bleak and dreary. In order for the brightness to remain in your living room long after the sun is gone, you need to invest in good lighting. But never ever invest in fluorescent lighting – they make everything look so artificial. To keep the brightness intact, instead of going for a single overhead light source go for diffused lighting that not only lights up the entire area but also creates a cozy atmosphere. Table lamps, floor lamps and wall scones can also be used to brighten up the living room.

10. Light airy curtains

Heavy curtains prevent the light from filtering into the room thus creating a dark atmosphere. In their place use light airy curtains which allow maximum light to pass through. A curtain in bright pattern and colors can brighten up the room. Stylish shutters and venetian blinds can also brighten up the room.

11. Adding glass windows and doors

Doors and windows offer immense opportunities for the entry of light into a room. If you have an existing door in wood, try replacing it with one in glass. This will ensure that your living room receives an abundance of natural light which will create a bright atmosphere in the room. If it is not possible to install a new door or window in your living space, you can at least paint the existing door in a brighter color to create a bright feeling.

12. Light flooring

If the floor of your living room is made of a darker material then the room might appear dark. Still you can brighten up the room by throwing a light colored rug or carpet on the floor. If you want a more permanent solution then you can go for flooring in lighter shades or paint your flooring in a lighter color. For hardwood flooring’s you can give them a nice polish to bring out the lighter tones.

13. Lighter furniture

Furniture can play quite a role in determining the brightness of a room. If the overall furniture in your room is of a darker, denser form then your room might feel and look dark. Therefore the first thing that you should do is to stay away from black and dark brown furniture and invest in furniture of lighter colors such as tan and white. If you already have dark colored furniture and don’t want to dispose of them, then you can still brighten them up a bit by adding some elements in white or a lighter color to make the room appear brighter.

14. Remove extra walls

If there is a possibility of breaking down a wall and installing a door/window then one should go for it. For this one needs to look at the time-frame for which one is staying in that particular house. If it is for a longer duration then this possibility can be considered. Break down a wall and install a large French window or a glass door in its place. This will allow more passage of light and brighten up the place.

15. Bright accessories

Decorations and accessories also play an important role in establishing the feel of the room. If you have paintings on the walls in darker frames or decorative pieces in dull colors then your efforts in brightening up the room will go in vain. Change your dull decorative items for ones in brighter colors and see the remarkable difference it makes to your living space.

If you are fed up of your dark and cramped living room which feels like a cave, now is the time to change it. These helpful tips will help you create that perfect bright look for your living room.