By | March 4, 2021

In this article I am going to put down the top 15 home library ideas that you can use to deck up your living rooms since these rooms are most utilized and now days most home owners are decorating their living areas with innovative library ideas to save on space and to transform the look of their rooms. Have a look and get started:

1. Smart built in book cabinet for living room

This is one cool way to save space and enhance the look of your living room by constructing a built in cabinet with open shelves. This white cabinet looks smart and is used to store a large number of books. It matches perfectly with the white fluffy armchair and the wooden floor.

2. Custom cabinetry living room

The custom made brown wooden cabinet looks awesome in the living room that can be used both for relaxing as well as reading. The whole look of the room is dark brown and the decor matches with the book cabinet.

3. Fabulous In home library

The in-home library seen here looks amazing and very elegant with an open plan that allows you to relax in your living area and enjoy the company of the books too. The library seen in the picture is designed in an oval shape with open shelves to store a large number of books. In the center of the room there is a smart rug and a table that adds to the beauty.

4. Lighted book shelves for industrial living room

The look of this room is industrial wherein the whole focus is on the open and huge book shelves that house a vast number of books. The open shelves are well lit up with focus lights that illuminate the darker quarters and create an impressive look for the room.

5. Sleek library for living room

Your library need not always be fitted with wall to wall cumbersome looking cabinets that gobble up a huge chunk of space. Sometimes, it is a wise idea to fit a sleek looking cabinet like the one seen below to save on space. The white open shelved book cabinet in this living room accentuates the look by clinging closely to the wall and lending a more spacious look.

6. Metallic library for living room

The living room seen below is a very elegant and smart area with a light brown comfy armchair, a natty center stool and a matching rug. But, it is the metallic book cabinet or the in built library that steals all the show. The metal finished cabinet is huge and has open shelves to house books and files. On a few shelves, there are computers kept too that allow you to carry out your office duties as well.

7. White built in library for a colorful living room

The huge white cabinet in this colorful room looks elegant and very smart. The cabinet’s shelves are left open and are used to store books and many other items. The white color of this cabinet matches well with the the white couch and the cream shades present in the rug and other items.

8. Interesting library idea for living room

The two storied library seen in the image looks quite smart and can store a large number of books. This is a mini library inbuilt in your living space that looks comfortable and very cozy. The room seems like a warm place with proper lighting and appears stylish with glass center table and antique furnishing.

9. Incredible library idea for living room

The living room looks huge with two levels of library cabinets, each filled with hundreds of books. The library fits comfortably to get integrated with the decor and looks smart.

10. Library idea for an open living room

The library in this room is built on one corner that accommodates a wide array of books. The cabinet is made of wood and is built on two levels. The library section at the top can be reached using small stairs.

11. Fascinating library idea for living room

This is a sophisticated living room that houses a gigantic wooden piano and a dark cabinetry for storing pieces of decoration as well as books. The cabinet is made of dark wood and is illuminated with focus lighting that makes the shelves look lit up and bright.

12. Classy library idea for living room

The library seen below looks quite charming with light brown wooden shelves that are open and store a variety of books. The height of the cabinet reaches the wooden ceiling where focus lights are fitted to offer brightness when reading. The whole look of the room is stylish and very warm. The color of the cabinet gels well with the soft leather couch and the wooden flooring.

13. Trendy library idea for living room

The library cabinet in this colorfully decorated living room accentuates its beauty and consists of open shelves each housing a large number of books. The light colored cabinet has lot of space for keeping other things and decorative pieces such as the white lampshade anchored on it. The space between the library and the living area is separated by a green velvety curtain that offers a distinctive look.

14. Small built in library for living room

It is not necessary to have large built in cabinets to store books but one can bring innovative changes by installing small sized single shelved cabinets that can easily fit into a small living area. The light brown wooden cabinet in the image saves up on space and is anchored comfortably just next to the comfy looking couch.

15. Contemporary library for living room

The look created by this floor to ceiling library is elegant yet trendy. The white cabinet is built into the walls and offers a tasteful way to store books and other pieces. The brown chunky armchair and the leather stool cum table look great with the white cabinet and wooden flooring.

One can bring innovative changes to their living room if they take help from various sources such as this article I have just posted for your benefit. Living rooms need not be boring and of the usual make and style. Take the help of these 15 home library ideas and see your living rooms get transformed into places that offer round the clock entertainment and education.