By | March 4, 2021

Homes that have large spaces along with windows where there is lots of sunshine can comfortably accommodate window seats that look not just beautiful but also offer extra seating and save space. Most of us always have to think a hundred times before doing any kind of arrangement around the window space that usually lies either vacant or put to unwanted use by placing kid’s toys or plants, thereby spoiling the entire look of the room. How would you like your window space to be utilized properly and lend beauty to the whole living room? Let me give you some knowledge regarding the top 12 window seat design ideas that will change the very look of your living rooms.

1. Smart window seat design

The best feature in this room is its asymmetric walls that lend a feel of space and make the room look airy and bright. The window seat design is smart to look with light blue strips, looking chic with two cylindrical shaped cushions for hand rest. The window seat can be used both for resting and also for storing things in the drawers inbuilt therein.

2. Sophisticated window seat

The window seat looks pleasant and very elegant with soft colors splashed all across the room. The cream colored upholstery fitted on the seat goes in perfect tandem with the soft colors used in the furniture and the walls. For storing, there are drawers built in the seat thereby solving your space issues as well.

3. Chic window seat design

A house by the bay has always been my dream and the one in the picture is just the home I want for myself! The living room window seat overlooks the bay in a stylized manner, making every moment precious and special. The material chosen is wood and the upholstery is done in white that makes the colors gel very well with each other. The cushions are green that lend more beauty to the color combo of the window seat. There are no curtains that block the view and the seat looks quite comfortable to place yourselves for a long time and enjoy. There are drawers built under the seat for storage purposes. The look is elongated and smart.

4. Gorgeous window seat design

The white and brown seat by this lovely window looks amazing with its pure white upholstery and colorful cushions. The design is amazing with wooden finished exterior and some space underneath, lying vacant. There are no cabinets or drawers built unlike most of the other window seats. The huge windows offer the perfect backdrop to enhance the beauty of the window seat that looks fabulous with the rest of the decor and wall paint.

5. Classic window seat design

This window seat in pure white wood is a traditional looking furniture design adjusted pretty neatly to save space. The storage issues will get solved with the help of the boxes made underneath the seating area. It matches well with the furniture and the decor.

6. Compact window seat design

Even small living rooms can have their window seats that look compact and are space savers. Here, you can see a cozy and compact seat by the small window that has comfortable fluffy cushions to rest your back and enough space underneath to keep whatever you wish to store. It looks cool and smart with the large wooden resting arm chair and a chic iron table.

7. Eclectic window seat design

The look and feel of the whole room is eclectic and gives one pleasure.. pleasure to the eyes and senses! The window seat is designed sectionally to fit along nicely with the massive white windows. The color is white with matching upholstery in brown patterns. The upholstery is also light and matches perfectly with the furniture and the rest of the decor. The seat is durable with blocks having no drawers.

8. Trendy window seat for living room

The white couch, the single cream sofas and the window seat add a style to this amazing looking living room where you would want to spend a lot of time. The window seat looks chunky with white as its main color. The upholstery is light green that gels with the couches and looks quite smart and attractive. It is fitted conveniently along the window and offers additional seating.

9. Convenient window seat design

Your living rooms can become the best places where you can unwind and enjoy with friends and family only when the feel of the rooms are comfortable and cozy. A window seat as the one seen here in the picture can lend a different dimension altogether. It is not just your mundane solution to storing things, it is also an additional piece of furniture that can accommodate a few more guests than you thought could ever fit into your small living rooms. It looks quite comfortable and fills up the space without cluttering up. With light wooden textures splashed all around the room, the seat, too is built exactly to match the decor. The large drawers can store loads of things and keep the outside clean and spacious.

10. Ingenious window seat design

This window seat offering a perfect view of the panoramic ocean is built a little differently than the rest since there is a mini library attached to it. The design of the seat is such that it can accommodate a large number of books in its open shelves, thereby saving you the money that you would have spent on buying a separate cabinet for the books. The seating is comfortable and quite simple with blue colored small sized mattresses fixed on top where you can just sit and view the sea, while taking a dip in your world of books and knowledge!

11. Serene window seat for living room

What could be more charming and relaxing then being seated on a seat by the window, enjoying the greenery around? Well, the window seat here looks amazing with its pure white color and smart light colored cushions and the rest of the upholstery. The mattress placed on the seat is comfortable and so are the cushions for resting your backs.

12. Large window seat design

The windows of this traditional living room get their beauty enhanced with the smart window seat fitted along with it. The seat is made of dark wood and has storing facilities too. The look of the seat is not a typical block with drawers . Instead, the design is selected keeping in view the traditional feel of the house. There are layered shelves kept open to place decorative items or books. It matches nicely with the large wooden window and also the gray upholstery.

Window seats are a must have additional furniture that you cannot think of ignoring when decorating your homes. These not only solve your storage issues but also offer comfortable and cozy seating where you can chill and relax. From simple, smart, elegant to luxurious, window seats come in a variety of designs and styles. Look at these 12 seat design ideas and select the one that would suit your tastes and preferences. Who said you could keep only sofas and couches in your living rooms to enhance their beauty? Now a days, windows too need some touch ups and the best way to add glamor is to fit in a beautiful looking window seat!