By | March 4, 2021

Just as good furnishing adds beauty to your room, a good area rug, too, is vital for the room to appear glamorous and comfortable. A rug, if not chosen carefully can mar the total appearance of a room. The right type of rugs can change the very look of your room and hence, one must follow certain guidelines or tips when selecting them carefully. Look below to find the 12 tips that would help you select the best area rugs for your living room:

1. Measurement of the seating area

Before you invest a big chunk of money on a rug, be sure to measure the size and space of your living room. If your living room is small, choosing a small rug that just covers a tiny portion of the area before the furniture is a good idea. Seen in the image is a smart zebra printed rug that looks good with the small setting in the living room. It just floats in front of the sofa and occupies a little space.

2. Multiple rugs for bigger living rooms

If your living room, like the one seen below is huge, you can incorporate more than one rug , just like the two beige golden small rugs placed on the sides of the beige colored sofas. The trick here lies in matching the rugs with the wall colour and the curtains. The rugs in the picture are placed not in front of the sofas , but on the sides that make the room look even more spacious.

3. Choose a long rug for a long living room

For a narrow and long living room, one must buy a rug that is longish and is not chunky enough to gobble up the whole flooring. The light blueish grey rug with dark border in the picture fits the long room efficiently, though, it is massive in size. The matching furniture too is fitted over the rug and one can see the wooden floor left totally uncovered that adds space.

4. Choose a horizontal rug for a chubby fat room

The huge horizontal, white and black patterned rug looks extremely gorgeous in this chubby room that has lots of space. It matches the round Wicker Ottoman and the matching sofas well and makes the room look bright and bigger. The white and black colors used in the rug offer a perfect contrast with the light brown curtains and the wall color.

5. Keep the legs of your sofas on the rug for a consistent look

If your rug is huge and accommodates your sofas efficiently, then it is a better idea that you keep the legs of these couches on the rug itself and not off it. This will offer a more comfortable look. The white and black patterned rug in the picture is massive and comfortably fits the sofa legs and other furniture too. The look created by the rug makes it friendly and informal.

6. Keep the legs of your sofas off the small sized rugs

The best effect one can achieve with a small sized rug is to keep off all furniture legs away from it. Doing this will not only accentuate the look of your room but will lend it more neatness and friendly appeal. The red and black patterned rug seen below is small with furniture placed away from it. It makes the room look even.

7. Choose a square rug for a square living room

For living rooms that are squarish in design, one should invest in buying such rugs that too are of the same type in order to lend more evenness to the room. The light checkered squarish rug here looks perfectly in sync with the room and blends well with the light wall color and room decorations.

8. Choose jute rugs for all seasons

Jute and sisal rugs never go out of fashion and look smart yet classic. Before you buy an expensive rug, be sure that it will last for a long time. The massive jute rug in the image adds smartness to the room and makes it appear regal as well. It blends well with the roofing, the wall color and the decor that is light and serene.

9. Choose the right colored rug for your living room

Picking a colorful rug works best if your living room is not already too colored up. A bright colored room will look cooler with a single shaded rug and vice versa. The yellow colored rug seen below compliments the look and decor of the room that has red, grey, white and blue shades splashed all across.

10. Choose a fluffy Flokati rug for a more glamorous look

The living room in the image looks comfortable and glamorous with not just the couches and wall color, but also with its beautiful fluffy Flokati rug that adds shine and transforms the whole feel and appearance of the living space. The fluffy texture of the rug makes the room feel cozy and very comfy. Choosing the right textured rug goes a long way in keeping your room stay fashionable and stylish.

11. Choose a stain resistant rug

A stain resistant rug should be in your shopping list if you are a homemaker with children. The grey patterned rug spread in the living room below is resistant to spills and drops and also looks fabulous with white sofas, a cream and black wooden seater, the center table and the wall paint. It blends in nicely and will last for a long time.

12. Choose a bold patterned rug for a plain room

A plain living room can get transformed into a bright area if the rug placed herein is bold and patterned. Seen below is a blue striped huge rug that not only looks smart but also lends glamor to the room. The blue offers a perfect match for the white hues and this creates wonders to the looks of the area.

With these 12 tips on how to select the prefect rug for your living room, I am sure you will have no trouble in buying the suitable type that fits your style and budget. A rug is a very important decorative piece that would make or break the image of your house. Make the most of these tips that would help you redefine your style.