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Hey people! We are back with the second part of the previous post that listed the top 25 interior design trends for living rooms in 2014. This post will jot down the rest 25 design trends that are doing the rounds this year and will snowball into the coming year as well. Hence, take a look.

26. Cool turquoise living room with light wood tones design trend

The trend this year is to decorate your living space with turquoise shades and wooden tones like the image where the owners have used a lot of this cool color in the kitchen area including walls and cabinet. There are hints of turquoise even in the cushion placed on the couch. Wooden tones are making a comeback this year and this is seen below where the living space has been decked up with classic wooden furniture that look natural and very unique.

27. Adorable rustic design trend for living room

If simple things do not fancy your tastes, you can adopt a rustic tribal look for your living room as tribal is in vogue this year. The room below looks rough and very ‘ghetto’ in feel and looks. From the walls that are painted with various tones of colors that give the impression as if dirt has accumulated on them, to the rustic wooden sofa and center table made of raw wooden block, the whole decor in this room is very rough. Two iron lanterns are also placed on one corner that compliment the other accessories.

28. Endearing dark grey living room design trend

Grey is one color that looks good in every home decor and this year too, it is very much prevalent in home designing trends. The room below is deigned in dark grey with hints of cool green tones present in the natty looking stool as well as cushions. The combo of green and grey is a hit as both these colors add glamor and bring freshness. The tribal patterned rug looks quite charming.

29. Exciting grey and yellow design trend for living room

Light grey goes well with bright yellow tones and this is one color trend that will always stay in demand, come any year or century! There are grey and yellow shades splashed in the room below such as the sectional sofas that are light grey while yellow is to be seen on another armchair that is anchored on one corner. The whitish cream art pieces installed also look good with the color combo as this one.

30. Stylish mix and match design trend for living room

Styling your living area with single colored three piece furniture is so out of fashion this year. Hence, one must invest in mix and match furniture that look unique and are very attractive. Seen here are two white sofas, the one placed on the left being designed with black patterns, while the other couch is plain. To compliment their look, the owners have placed a purplish colored center table. The effect created by this three piece furniture is awesome.

31. Vibrant and energetic design trend for living room

Want to have a futuristic living room design that looks energetic from the word go? Well, this year, the focus is on using lots of bright tones like blue and and black against the backdrop of white. The room below looks charming with bright paintings hung on a white wall. The effect created by it seems to illuminate the white room and makes it appear glamorous too.

32. Marvelous brown design trend for living room

Brown, like grey, also stays this year as one of most preferred colors for designing homes. The living room in the image has various tones of brown utilized in the furniture, wall, flooring and other accessories that blend well together and create a very warm look inside. These shades (in the image) create drama to this living area by offering contrast with elegant cream tones splashed in between, like on the couch and cushions.

33. Cool blue and orange design trend for living room

Blue is in trend this 2014 and so is orange in its various hues and shades. These colors bring cheerfulness to a room such as this one that looks eclectic because of a perfect mix and match of these vibrant colors. The chunky sofa is blue and looks good with two other orange colored sofas placed opposite. The rug placed on the floor has shades of orange and looks trendy.

34. Modern western design trend for living room

2014 will see lot of houses being designed on western themes as the designs look very elegant and appealing. The modern western living area seen below looks very ethereal with white and cream being the central colors. The backdrop of white curtains offer a fresh look to the room. The two chunky couches look nice with a dark brown rug spread on the floor.

35. Awesome brick effect wallpaper design trend for living room

This year the focus has shifted to wallpapered walls that are rough and crude in looks as compared to other old timers like beige and flat colored walls. The living room as seen below has walls plastered with natural brick effect wallpaper that lends it a cool industrial look. The wall looks quite attractive with light grey sofa and wooden flooring that compliments the rustic appearance of the room.

36. Outdoor merging with indoor living room trend

This year most designers are designing homes whereby outdoor furniture and settings are increasingly being used indoors to create a unique look. These ideas are mostly flamboyant and have a cool look unmatched by usual designs. The living room in the picture looks extravagant and it seems as if the whole outdoor has been brought inside by installing rocks around the fireplace as its seen outside normally. Also, the sitting area is decked up with a ‘nest’ lookalike made of grass and wood. It seems as if its a bulbul’s (a bird) nest.

37. Ethnic prints for interior design living room trend

Ethnic prints have always been loved by home owners when designing their interiors and this year too, this fashion is very much prevalent. Ethnic prints like batik and others help in adding a warm feel to the aura of a house like the one seen below where the center table cum trunk has been printed with prints that are traditional. The red printed rug spread on the floor too is decorated with beautiful prints that add an alluring touch.

38. Corduroy furniture design trend for living room

Gone are the days when corduroy was used only in coats and pants. These days, most houses are being designed using this cool material in furniture and other accessories. Seen below is a beautiful living area that has been decorated with grey corduroy chairs that add a glamorous touch to the room. Corduroy will stay a hot favorite this year and will be used massively in upholstery of couches.

39. Fresh Macrame interior design trend for living room

If you want to add a stylish touch to your otherwise dull living area, you must not shy away from using macrame in decorating your interiors. Macrame is in demand this year and will continue to do so in the coming years. This material is classy and very economical. It also looks very natty. Seen here is a red macrame chair anchored in the living room that matches with the red fiber wall art piece and the rest of the decor.

40. Fiber art living room trend

Fiber art wall pieces look great in living rooms and are a cheaper alternative to the highly priced wall papers and murals. 2014 is the year when you would find exotic fiber wall art pieces plastered on the walls of most houses. The artistic wall hanging seen below is made of natural materials like cotton and jute. These look stylish and are also nature friendly.

41. Floral influence design trend for living room

Floral prints will stay in our minds and in fashion so long as we live. Yes, the use of floral prints in textiles and upholstery of furniture is a commonly seen trend this year. Seen below is a lovely floral printed couch installed in a living room. The white antique couch is designed with flowers of all colors and this adds pizzazz to the whole look of the room.

42. Glamorous and bold design trend for living room

Aren’t we all bored with plain and simple looking walls and nude toned living rooms? If yes, there is a reason to smile as the year 2014 will snowball the trend of using bold and metallic tones to decorate living areas. Now, you can compliment the look of your dull living areas by adding chutzpah when you install metallic and shiny lamps and fixtures everywhere around the house. From the metallic wallpaper plastered on the wall of the living room shown below, to the lamps anchored, one can see a lot of metallic tones, to add an alluring touch to the room.

43. Animal hide design trend for living room

Animal skin has been a favorite material for designing rugs and wall hangings for many centuries and this year too, the trend shall continue, though it may provoke activists of PETA! Yes, from rugs to tables, animal hide is now been increasingly used and it definitely adds oomph to the decor of a room. In the image is a living area that has been designed with a cow hide rug. The white and black tones present add an alluring touch to the charm of the room.

44. Lighter wooden tones for living room trend

Lighter honey toned wooden textures would be used amply this year. Light toned wooden furnishings look very elegant and add a softer touch to a house. Previously dark tones were in vogue, but, this year honey fresh wooden textures will be used. This is due to the fact that darker tones were in use for the past ten years and have now reached a boiling point where no one can bear to take these any longer and want a fresh change. The light wooden beam seen in the picture adds depth to the room and merges well with the lighter shades used in the room. The rest of the furniture too is designed using similar type of wood.

45. Soft black and white tones for living room trend

Black and white have always been the most preferred colors when designing homes, but this year, the trend shall catch up on utilizing more of softer tones of these two colors. The best thing about using the soft tones of black and white is that these do not prick the eyes and are cooler in comparison. Seen below are white and black cushions that have a soft feel to them and gel well with the bright yellow flowers arranged in the middle. These soft tones blend in easily with the grays too.

46. Classic beige design trend for living room

Though, beige is a color tone that has lost its true calling , yet, it manages to find place this year too as many designers cannot but help including it in various elements when designing homes. In the image is a classic room that has been designed with a beige colored couch and wall that is painted with the same color. To add some spark to the decor, the designer has installed a black telescope and a brown antique trunk to be used as a center table.

47. Immortal and timeless interior design trend for living room

The trend of mixing modern with traditional designing elements is fast catching up as people want to have the best of both the worlds. Seen here is a lovely warm looking living room that has been designed with modern chunky brown colored couches and rattan rug along with a basket to add elegance. The look of the cream colored curtains and blinds against the dark toned furniture adds a sparkle in the eyes.

48. ‘One of a kind’ design trend for living room

Whats the point in copying others when you can design your living room as per your idea and with accessories that you have handpicked yourself? This is the trend this year when most of us would try to buy such unique designer pieces that are not easy to find and hence make a style statement. In the image is a lovely living area that manages to hold your attention with its unique furniture and an iron fire screen that looks exotic.

49. Transparent window dressing trend for living room

2014 is a year when every accessory in your home will scream out ‘easy and breezy’! As far as curtains are concerned, the transparency trend will fasten up as many people would want to drape their windows with light fabrics that are cool and allow natural light to come in without loosing on privacy. Seen here is a lovely grey and white patterned curtain that accentuates the serene look of the room.

50. Adorable pineapple design trend for living room

Pineapples will find their place in every home decor this year as predicted. The beautiful pineapple candle holder in light blue looks alluring and creates a magical touch by gleaming in all its might! These type of candle holders and other decorations are being used largely to add deliciousness to the look of a house.

With this, we come to an end of this awesome post that has listed the top remaining 25 interior design trends for living rooms this year. Be sure to read it as you never know which design catches your fancy. All these design trends are cool and will electrify the look of your living areas.