By | March 4, 2021

We are already midway through 2014 and in a few more months will enter into the next year. Have you planned about refurnishing your home yet? If you are thinking of making some innovative changes to your living quarters, take a look below as the post will cover the top 50 interior design trends that are currently the flavor of 2014. This is the first part of the post and will list the top 25 of these design trends that are being loved and demanded all over the globe.  Come take a look and get inspired!

1. Brilliant Turquoise accents in living room

Seen here is an interior design trend that is absolutely fresh this season and looks stunning. The living room gets transformed with a brilliant dose of turquoise splashed against the backdrop of lovely grey painted walls. The sectional sofa and the decorative geometric object placed behind the back of it have hints of this awesome and fresh color, adding a perfect contrast to the room. Also, there are orange tones to be seen that add up to the beauty.

2. Cool accent colors in living room

Accent colors are neutral tones that can form a lovely backdrop against a colorful decor. By utilizing accent tones, one can transform the complete look of his/her living area. Neutral colors like beige, white, cream and light baby pink can alter the way a room looks, just as we see here in the image where the room gets a vivacious look by adding a dash of bright orange tones in the curtains that offer a brilliant contrast to the light grey accent walls and white sofas.

3. Awesome vintage design trend for living room

Want some uniqueness to the way your living rooms look? What are you thinking of then!! Today, the vintage home design trends are fast picking up since these add style and elegance to any room. In the image is seen a lovely living room whose decor is vintage with brown chunky vintage couches anchored on all the three sides. In the middle is placed an elegant chest cum table that adds a brilliant touch to the aura of the room. The wooden side tables too are antique in appearance and raise the level of glamor manifolds.

4. Retro design trend for living room

The year 2014 has and will see a major trend where home owners will want to splurge much on decorating their homes in a retro way. The retro design trends get their inspiration from the sixties and seventies and add lot of vivaciousness and energy to a home. In the image is a living room that has been styled on retro lines and looks lively with a trendy white wooden sofa, a beautiful retro armchair and funky looking lampshades.The fireplace looks distinct and has retro written all over it!

5. Stylish grey tones for living room

One hot design trend doing the rounds this year is the ‘go grey’ trend and this is going to stay popular all through 2014 and thereafter as well. Grey is available in different tones and can alter your room’s appearance in an instant. The modern living room seen below looks elegant with its grey tones splashed on the walls, on the floor and also on the two toned contemporary sofa set that has hints of black too.

6. Gorgeous metallic brass tones for living room

Brass looks gorgeous in any setting and is one metallic shade that will never go out of fashion. The image that you see below is that of a modern living room where the decor is a mix and match of pastels and other bright colors splashed all throughout. There is a hint of metallic brass on the exotic lampshade placed on the side table whose holders are also crafted in the same metal. This metallic look ignites a sensual feel to an otherwise cool looking room.

7. Graphic Patterns and Bold Prints for living room

Your living space should look vibrant and should exude a distinct style that looks unique unlike the usual run of the mill types of designs we see in houses everywhere. 2014 is the year of bold patterns and graphic designs where we see most homes getting decorated with wallpapers and murals that have graphic designs and are three dimensional. Seen below is a chic looking living room, the beauty of which gets doubled, courtesy, the bold wallpaper plastered on the wall that has the imprint of a husky’s face with engaging blue eyes looking straight at you. It makes a bold statement and adds glamor.

8. Beautiful blue tones for living room

Blue comes in different tones that would be loved by everyone this year and most probably in the years to follow. Cool blue adds freshness to the look of a room such as the one we can see below where the walls are painted with cool aqua blue color that soothes the eyes and matches perfectly with the fuchsia colored cushions. Both the colors blend in easily.

9. Awesome purple tones for living room

A room of any house would look elegant with a dash of purple color added to any of its features. The beautiful purple sofas seen below in this sophisticated living room look classy and match the decor that is subtle yet charming. On the designer center table is placed a purple glass bowl that accentuates the classy look and feel of the room. Purple shades look cool and are in demand this year.

10. Iconic mid century furnishing trend for living room

A home looks good only when its free of clutter. Now a days the trend is to style up your rooms with minimal furnishings where the idea is to allow your lungs to breathe easily. Mid century decorative pieces have a distinct uniqueness and lend a classic touch to a room as in the picture that shows a timeless Arco Floor Lamp installed on one corner of the room. It increases the appeal of the living space and compliments the rest of the decor that is vibrant and cool.

11. Timeless chandelier decoration trend for living room

Chandeliers have always played a pivotal role in accentuating the appearance of a home. This year too, the trend of installing exquisite chandeliers is present in a very big way as we can see many house owners opting for glamorous candle and iron chandeliers to light up their living areas. The glorious living room in the image is modern with an iron chandelier with electric candles that spread a unique glow inside the room.

12. Eco friendly design trend for living room

This year the trend in home designing is to opt for such decor that is Eco friendly and is natural. The image shows a living room that has an Eco friendly theme, starting right from the ceiling fan that is not your typical electricity powered fan but is powered using natural energy. A broom has been recycled to form into a fan. There are rattan baskets for storing items and a sleek rattan rug, also nature friendly.

13. Minimal design trend for living room

A room with too much clutter is an absolute eyesore and therefore, the year 2014 has been declared the year of the ‘minimalist designs’. The idea here is to decorate your rooms with the choicest of items and avoiding any type of cluttering. The living room seen below is free of any junk and looks comfy with neatly arranged beige couches and leather coffee table cum sitter.

14. Painted front door design trend for living room

The front door is often the most neglected aspect in a house, but this year, the trend is to paint these with any color as desired like brown, golden or metallic aluminum. The picture below shows the front door of a house painted in light metallic grey with silver designs on sides. The look of this door is cool and stylish.

15. Contrasting trim colors trend for living room

A perfect way to spruce up the style of your living room is to use contrasting colors, a few in darker hues while others in pastels. The room here makes use of such contrasting shades that accentuate its charm. Against the white material of the chunky couch can be seen an eclectic blend of colors present in the colorful cushions.The curtains in blue and white prints look amazing.

16. Hollywood glamorous living room design trend

Contemporary living room designs are always popular among people, and this year the trend is towards designing your living quarters that reflect your liking for attributes and accessories that are glamorous and resemble some exotic house in Hollywood Boulevard. The room shown here is exquisite and stylish from every angle. Right from the oval light fixtures to the paintings hung on the wall, the theme is very modern and flamboyant.

17. Linen living room design trend

Linen would be the most preferred design choice in 2014 as the trend is towards minimalist designing. The walls in the room seen below are painted in white, while the sofas are made of white linen that makes these look cool. The appeal of this room gets enhanced with the wooden flooring and paintings fixed on the wall.

18. Fluorescent decor trend for living room

Fluorescent colors look youthful with bright and bold display of colors and of course, these are not meant for such folks that like pastels and little subdued tones. Seen here is a beautiful fluorescent neon theme present in the furnishings like the pink chair and the yellow center table. The fluorescent colors look good against dark blue painted walls.

19. Circular design trend for living room

The humble circle has made its mark in this year’s list of living room design trends. The circle is considered a fashion statement with at least a few accessories in the room that are circular in shape like the seating arranged in the living room and the orange and brown patterned circular rug placed in the middle. The trend is to let go of straight shapes and lines and opt for something different.

20. Wooden interior design trend for living room

Wood will always remain a favorite when designing living rooms. This year too, it remains in the list as wood creates a feel of warmth and makes any room look cozy and inviting. Seen below is a living room that is wooden in decor where the door, walls, furniture and flooring are all made of wood.

21. Tropical living room trend

Like the past year, the year 2014 too sees tropical designs returning back with a bang! From ferns to palms, one can keep any of these potted plants inside their living area to being in greenery and nature. The room seen here looks natural and very serene since there are potted palm plants arranged on corners as well as there are plants placed on the center table.

22. Colorful industrial living room design trend

The floor of the room seen below have been kept nude while the wall on one side has been painted in bright blue that lends it a vibrant look. For the typical industrial working look, there are words ‘ACT NOW’ printed over the wall. A big plank of wood has been placed over blocks of stones that give out a raw industrial look. The furniture chosen too fits a working area and gels well with the look. This design is going to stay on for a couple of more years.

23. Japanese minimalist living room design trend

The world is taking notice of Japanese home designs as these are simple and minimal. Seen here is a beautiful black and beige living room with very few items anchored for styling purposes like a pot, light fixtures, sofa, painting and center tables. The room looks bright and very neat with no clutter.

24. Inspiring Vaulted Ceiling Design With Wood Beams

Ceiling of a house is as important as any other feature and hence, must be designed accordingly. This year, it has been seen that most people are opting to install vaults on their roofs that have wooden beams for support. These are in vogue this year and look very rustic indeed. From the roof is seen hanging a rustic iron chandelier that too is a hot favorite among many clients. The conical shape of the roof seen below hints at the house being located on the mountains and the massive wooden windows allow lots of freshness to come inside. The Moroccan rug looks good with the jagged stone fireplace that looks rustic too.

25. Victorian decor trend for living room

Victorian decor is perhaps the one design trend that never goes out of demand or fashion. The youth of today likes to imbibe many features that are traditional and compliment their contemporary lifestyle. The room in the image is a very beautifully decorated area where Victorian leather sofas are placed apart from an antique wooden center table. The lamps placed all over the room have hints of brown and brass and the chandelier looks majestic.