By | March 4, 2021

Our hallways are an often neglected space in the house. We reserve all our creativity and talents for our living rooms and bedrooms but when it comes to the hallway we are lost for ideas. But this shouldn’t be the case because the hallway is the first place where our guests set their foot and as we all know the first impression has always a lasting impact. It therefore becomes imperative that we do up the hallway in enticing patterns and styles such that they simply mesmerize anyone who passes through them.

1. Rustic style

Although the overall décor of this house has been designed in a rustic style there is a lot of eclectic mix and match going on. An ornate baroque mirror looks out from an exposed brick wall while metal chairs add a contemporary flair. The surprising element in this room is clearly the carpet in a pattern of colors which is so much out of place in a rustic setting yet seems to fit in so well with the overall décor.

2. Vintage hallway

This hallway seems to be clearly inspired by the vintage design with a healthy sprinkling of modern elements as well. A lot of colors strike the senses but none of them clash with each other, rather they complement each other well. The vintage décor also strikes a complimentary pose alongside modern décor.

3. Impressive hallway

This large hallway is quite impressive from the looks of it. Antique furniture vies for our attention while modern light fixtures have a field day displaying their beauty. The peach colored walls exude a nice pinkish glow which is matched by the tiles in a lighter shade. The ceiling is however kept white to balance out the color scheme.

4. Reception hallway

This hallway has a mix of both antique and modern elements. The ornate chair and the fanlight hanging above the door add a period feel to the room. The teal colored walls and the pale carpet further accentuate the colors of the deep blue sofa and make it the centerpiece of the room. A bunch of flowers kept in a vase add pops of color to this lovely hall in soothing colors.

5. Modern hallway

This hallway has a distinctively modern feel. The walls are painted in bold black and grey stripes while the floor is done up in Victorian tiles. A single chair is the only piece of furniture in this hallway. The most striking feature of this hallway is the way a large frame has been used to host a small art piece making it truly stand out.

6. Contemporary hallway

In the design of this hallway we can see an eclectic mix of styles. Pops of color are provided by the green carpet on the floor and a red rug fixed on a steel colored wall. The large white mirror hanging from another wall instantly catches the eye as one enters the hall. The contemporary styled light fixture points to the addition of another style to the room.

7. Minimalistic designed hallway

The hallway of this apartment has been designed in a minimalistic style with furnishings kept to the minimum except for a bold drawing of the lower torso of a human being hanging at the entrance. The color scheme is kept light and neutral which ensures that the space looks more spacious.

8. Monochrome hallway

The two toned color scheme seems to work well in this room which matches nicely with the square black and white tiles. A simple but eclectic design has gone into designing this hallway with vintage pieces standing out primarily for the way they have been decorated. The chandelier adds a bit of ornateness to this simple but striking hallway.

9. Glamorous hallway

The hallway of this house looks glamorous to say the least. Polished wooden floors are complemented by a buff colored carpet and a wall in equally warm colors. The wall scones give this hallway a very traditional look. Light fixtures, in fact are the only piece of ornamentation in this hallway but they are sufficient in themselves to give the hallway a glamorous look.

10. Modern cum country hallway

This hallway is a nice eclectic mix of both country and modern elements. The cream and white accessories and the round table in the center add rustic touches while the paintings on the wall give off a nice modern vibe. A wooden chest placed at a corner stands out for its distinctive color and well-designed shape.

11. Mirror display hallway

This hallway looks like a hall of mirrors with the walls covered in mirrors of different shape and sizes. The light colored walls and flooring complement the mirrors and create an airy and spacious feeling in the hallway. A wooden cabinet with the paint peeling off adds a rustic charm to the hallway.

12. Grand hallway

This hallway befits a mansion and has been decorated in a mix of eclectic styles. Vintage cabinets paired with baroque mirrors fight for the viewer’s attention. A plush oriental carpet is displayed over the floor giving the hallway a cozy feel.

13. Wallpapered hallway

The walls of this simple hallway has been done up in a lovely white wallpaper with intricate patterns. A sliver-framed mirror is the only piece of decoration in the hallway. The all-white décor of the place gives the hallway an ethereal look. The chandelier hanging from the ceiling adds a certain level of sophistication to the otherwise simply decorated hallway.

14. Photo gallery hallway

Framed pictures on the walls are the mainstay of this hallway. The rest of the décor is kept minimalistic so as not to draw attention away from the pictures. There is an eclectic mix of pictures with the one common thread being the red frames which manage to infuse the walls with a pulsating life.

15. Arty hallway

This hallway is a true inspiration for art lovers. Considering the number of paintings that have gone on the walls, this seems more like an art gallery. The multiple carpets and the various sculptures further reinforce the art gallery theme. Interesting light fixtures hanging from the ceiling add a contemporary touch.

16. Fusion hallway

A lot of eclectic styles have been employed in designing this hallway. The brick arch that separates the hallway into two distinct parts stands out most distinctively. The first section has a lot of colors in the form of a carpet on the floor and a multi-colored rug on the wall. The white walls and the white flooring make the hallway look bright and spacious.

17. Library hallway

The hallway of this house has been turned into a mini library. The landing has been made very comfortable by the addition of plush sofas and a coffee table where one can spend some quality time amongst books. The trunk turned coffee table and the book print wallpaper add punches of style to the landing.

18. Vintage cum rustic hallway

This hallway represents the perfect fusion between a rustic and a vintage style. Actually it seems all manner of styles are concentrated right here. Large exposed beams are in sharp contrast with the Victorian pillars. Two ornate chandeliers add beauty to the place and not to forget the vintage bronze mirror that is equally eye-catching.

19. Stylish hallway

Pendant lighting has been used effectively in this hallway to create an extremely stylish look. These multiple light fixtures create absolute drama. The painted red door at the end of the corridor is equally striking.

20. Country hallway

This hallway draws inspiration from the country style. Although a modern touch has been given by the addition of black tiles on the floor, it seems to have been toned down by placing a rug over the floor. A simple wall clock, a broom positioned prominently, a goose by the door all reinforce the country concept.

Hallways being a part of our house deserve as much attention as the other rooms. We are confident that with the help of these ideas you can definitely glam up your hallways.