By | March 4, 2021

Eastern architecture and design are truly one-of-a-kind and for this they have mesmerized and enamored the world. Now as the boundaries of the world are becoming smaller and smaller, you too can achieve the grandiose interior of a Moroccan living room. Browse through our list and you will find great ideas that can turn your simple living room to a lush Morocco-inspired beauty.

1. Use vibrant colors for your living room walls

One of the most common element of a Moroccan living room is the many vibrant colors that it exudes. So in this kind of setting, forget the neutral colors and dive straight to the livelier ones. Don’t be afraid to use pink, tangerine, red, turquoise, or even yellow in your living room!

2. Paint your windows with exquisite Moroccan patterns

Are you aiming for something subtle yet still radiates of the Moroccan spirit? This design is perfect for you. Painting your windows with exquisite patterns will not only improve the taste level of your living room, it can even pass as an artwork!

3. A 3D art installation for your wall

Cute, fun, and quirky, this 3D art installation is a great addition to any Morocco-inspired living room. Coordinate it with the colors and patterns of your couch or cushions and you’ll have a strong cohesive theme that will bind all your other living room elements together.

4. Hang an intricate glass chandelier

Just look at the way a Moroccan chandelier hangs and glimmers from the ceiling of your living room. Isn’t it elegant? Even with the lights turned off, you can still be sure that this one will turn heads and mesmerize hearts.

5. Use colorful rugs

We mentioned earlier that colors are a great part of the Moroccan design, but they are not just limited to walls! By using brightly colored rugs, you can definitely bring the spirit of Morocco into your living room. You can even match their color with that of the cushion to create a sense of cohesion to your design.

6. Hang a canopy over your living room

This may seem utterly unusual, but this is one sure-fire way to recreate a modern Moroccan living room. Use a light see-through fabric as a canopy for your living room and watch it make the room more whimsical and magical than before.

7. Place a low coffee table in the middle of the room

Another staple in a Moroccan living room are the coffee tables placed in the middle of the room and surrounded by couches. You can even put several unique centerpieces on this coffee table to give it more emphasis.

8. Display an elaborately designed mirror

Most people place mirrors inside their bathrooms or bedrooms, but placing them in your living room is a good idea as well. Make sure they dazzle by putting them inside elaborate frames with signature Moroccan patterns!

9. Create a calming scene with floor lamps

The living room is a place to bond and relax together with your family so you definitely want to make it as cozy as possible. So why not create the ultimate bliss by placing floor lamps all over your living room?

10. Display some native Moroccan art

Another effective way to give your living room a modern Moroccan twist is to display Moroccan artworks, sculptures, potteries and souvenirs. Build up your design theme around these items and you will see just how fast your living room can turn into something other-worldly.

11. Make your living room warm and cozy with a Moroccan fireplace

If you live in a cold state where heating systems are needed, you can also consider installing a Moroccan fireplace. For one, they are lavishly designed with engraved patterns. They are also delightful in their usual bronze or copper color. Light them up with a roaring fire and they will warm up, giving you a perfect combination for a warm and cozy living room.

12. Use plenty of cushions for your couches

One more thing that sets Moroccan designs from the rest of the world is they tend to use plenty of cushions. It’s like they can’t get enough of these soft additions to their living rooms! You can also incorporate this idea. It’s very simple, yet adds a nice Moroccan touch to your living room.

13. Create wall arches

Wall arches are another important element in Moroccan designs so it is always a good idea to incorporate them in your living room arrangement if possible. These arches give a distinct appeal to the eyes that’ll make your living room memorable to anyone who walks into it.

14. Hang overhead lamps

You don’t have to rearrange your whole house to achieve this kind of theme. For instance, the designs used in Moroccan lamps are quite distinct, so using them to give your living room a Morocco-inspired theme is a good idea indeed.

15. Use elegant metal furniture

Metal can be both strong and delicate with proper handling, as seen in these elegant furniture pictured below. With these you can achieve a whimsical eastern-inspired living room without much of the trouble!

16. Try to play with patterns

Moroccan people love their living rooms peppered with patterns, as seen with the designed pictured below. So go ahead and play with different ones and make your living room as fun and lively as it can get.

17. Use convenient wall decal arches

Creating wall arches sometimes require that you renovate your living room and let’s be honest here, not a lot of people have the luxury of doing that. Instead, why not opt for these convenient decal arches? Not only are they pleasing to look at, they are definitely easier to do — and cheaper too!

18. Earthy colors can give a Moroccan vibe too

Vibrant colors may play a huge role in a Moroccan interior design, but there are also other great alternatives. If you prefer something subtle yet graceful and full of class, you can choose to use earthy colors for your color scheme. Bring out those lush wooden furniture and those rustic silverware and you’re done.

Moroccan living rooms are definitely unique and lavish so if you’re opting for an eye-catching living room, this is one of the best options out there.  With some careful planning and designing, you can definitely achieve this kind of look. So go on ahead and try it out!