By | March 4, 2021

Living room is the most used among the rest of the areas in your house and as such needs to appear good and glamorous. There are various kinds of designs available for decorating your living rooms, but, as of now I am going to list the top 18 red and brown living room designs that are currently the flavor of the season with many house owners demanding these in particular. These designs look amazing and also smart. Come and take a look:

1. Smart red and brown living room

The living room designed in red and brown looks amazing and very stylish with gorgeous brown sofa and cushions that gel well with the white couches and the flooring. A part of the wall is designed with red textured finish that appears glamorous and makes the room look vibrant and cheerful. Also, the red modern art painting looks gorgeous behind the brown sofa.

2. Stylish brown and red living room

A cozy living room makes for a great place to hang out and here is a smart living area whose decor is attractive with brown leather couch that is chunky and the red rug, complimenting each other. On the couch, there are placed red cushions looking great with the red rug and brown pot that looks trendy. The brownish green flowery patterned wall adds style to the whole decor.

3. Modern red and brown living room

The interiors of this room look stylish and chic because of the red colored natty looking whitish designer swing chair, matching red carpet and cushions placed on a white couch. The flooring is done in light brown wood that looks good with the bright red textures splashed all around the room.

4. Contemporary living room design with red exotic wallpaper

The extravagant floral wallpaper design on the walls looks exotic and retro with bright red as its central color. The leaves and birds in golden shades contrast well with the red and makes a bold style statement. The decor looks gorgeous with the cream colored curtain set perfectly against the red walls. The flooring is done in wood that is light brown and looks pretty exotic.

5. Beautiful red walls and sofa for living room

It is not just the thick and chunky sofa in red that lends beauty to the room. The bright red painted walls too offer a touch of glamor. With effective roof lighting done, and a cozy fireplace, the living room looks cozy and very warm. The wall above the fireplace is built of brown stones that lends a more rustic look to the room but retains its elegant appearance. The brown wooden center table looks good with the interiors and so does the leather couch along with a leather stool.

6. Midcentury red and brown living room

It is a mid-century styled living room that houses a tree trunk modified to be used as a center table. The brown comfortable sectional sofas look good along with smart armchairs. The high ceiling too is made of brown wood and looks great with the furniture and the bright red carpet that spreads majestically over the brown wooden floor.

7. Striking red and brown living room

The deep brown colored walls with a cool orange couch looks gorgeous as well as smart. The window is decorated with red and deep brown striped curtain and offers a refreshing look to the room. This curtain design and the walls have a very striking appearance and make the room warm and comfortable.

8. Traditional red and brown living room

The whole setting of the room is in brown color that makes it warm and smart to look. With leather sofas and center table, the room appears very comfortable. There are two red cushions placed on the sofa that look nice against the brown color. The rug too is light brown and so are the cylindrical wooden side table and the decorative piece. The red flower arrangement done on the center table offers a refreshing touch.

9. Bright red and brown living room

The light peach painted walls add style to this elegantly decorated living room that is fitted with smart brown sofas and chunky cushions. The rug spread on the floor is bright red with unique designs. The light brown wooden flooring coupled with a green plant pot looks mesmerizing and quite appealing to the senses.

10. Elegant red and brown living room

The living room design looks quite stunning with its recessed ceiling design and smart looking brown sofas, specially the striped couch that blends quite nicely with the white and brown decor of the room.

11. Sophisticated red and brown living room

The living room seen in the image is traditional in style with a beautiful leather sofa placed that looks good along with a vintage fireplace and chunky armchairs. The red cushion placed on the sofa looks ethnic and eye grabbing and so does the big red painting, offering a cool contrast to the cream walls.

12. Vintage red and brown living room

The vintage styled room looks elegant with its brown screen made of wood and designed with different kinds of motifs grafted beautifully

13. Chic red and brown living room

The red painted wall facing the white sofas appears quite bright and makes the room look very vibrant. To compliment this bright red color, the room has been beautified with multicolored tiles near the seating area with many shades including brown to be seen. Both these elements, i.e the wall and the colored tiles are nice and smart in appearance. The theme is dark colored with a hint of white that makes the room look lovely.

14. Wonderful ethnic red and brown living room

Seen here is a beautiful and ethnic corner of a living room that looks smart with a red painted wall and the square wooden block with shelves to store books. The fixture is done up in red and brown and this matching helps create a style that is unique and eye catching. The brown miniature table with drawers looks oriental in design and adds glamor.

15. Awesome red and brown living room

The red contrasts nicely with the smart brown in this room that looks bright and awesome with a red cabinet and smart brown couch with fluffy stool. These two elements add glamor and make the area very chic. The wooden shelf in red also looks quite good with a few paintings where one can see hints of red and yellow.

16. Fabulous red and brown living room

The center table in zebra print looks awesome against the bright red painted wall and the brown armchair. The red carpet looks stunning and so does the bright red cushion placed on the armchair. The zebra printed table looks striking because of the red and brown textures present in the room.

17. Beautiful living room with red and brown tones

With a red fur rug spread elegantly on the shiny floor, one cannot help but appreciate the beauty of this seating area that looks stunning with a variety of hues and shades. The brown leather sofa is gigantic and looks good with the white coffee table.

18. Inspiring red and brown living room

The brown wood panel wall of the room looks quite mesmerizing with a flat TV fitted on it. The modern look of the room gets enhanced with the brown flooring, an exotic red painting, the rust colored couch and the beautiful purple and red carpet.

How did you find these top 18 red and brown living room designs? Well, these colors will never go out of style, and look not just beautiful but also add smartness to the way you live. Go through these designs to get inspired and choose the one that will suit you. While red adds passion, it is the brown color that adds character and foundation to any room. Go for one today!