By | March 4, 2021

If you are someone that wishes to incorporate feminine touch to every nook and corner of your living area, it is a must that you make use of pastel colors and accents almost everywhere, ranging from wall color, floor to the furniture. Feminine living rooms are predominantly decorated with such soft tones that lend coolness to eyes. One can imbibe feminine colors like pink, peach and yellow in curtains and other accessories. Come take a look at the top 18 living room design ideas that are elegantly decorated and are feminine in style.

1. Colorful orange accented living room design idea

Orange is a very bright color that can add sparkle to any room in the house and the look generated by the use of this awesome color is extremely feminine as can be seen in the picture of the living room below. The tones used throughout the room are white, pink and orange with the latter dominating most of the accessories like pillows and the trendy looking orange ottoman. The blend of white and orange colors adds an eclectic touch to the decor.

2. Feminine living room design idea with pink flowers

Flowers, whether pink or otherwise add a certain charm to a room that is unparalleled in looks and feel. Adding flowers inside your living rooms can freshen up the space and make it look cheerful and happy. The beautiful living room here is feminine in every way as it has been assented with pink bushel of flowers that lends it a pretty look. Matching with the flowers are pillows that too would be loved by anyone that has an eye for beauty.

3. Cheerful feminine living room design idea

The living room below looks very cute and elegant with cheerfulness spread in every corner. The cute pink couch looks feminine and gets complimented with other decorative pieces placed to enhance the appeal, like colorful cushions on the couch, two white lampshades and a vase of beautiful flowers. All these features help in accentuating the feminine look of the room.

4. Gorgeous feminine living room design idea with floral wall art

Wall art lends a very elegant touch to a living room such as the one seen in the image where the walls have been plastered with Chinese floral wall art that is very feminine in look. The grayish silver floral patterns look attractive with light greenish grey couch and matching lampshades. The decor looks calm and cool with no dark tones that seem to eat up the space.

5. Cute and colorful feminine living room design idea

The presence of femininity in a house brings a whole lot of happiness and a unique sense of contentment that makes a concrete house livable and be called a home where a family resides. The room below is a classic feminine living area that is adorned with all feminine elements, like beautiful colors, fabrics, furniture and accessories. The room’s neat and crisp look is also an attribute of a place that is predominantly feminine in character.

6. Romantic feminine living room with colorful accents design idea

Femininity and romance go side by side, with one element being considered incomplete without the other. Seen below are lovely colors splashed all over the living room that make it a heaven where a person can compose some of the worlds best literary works! Yes, the living room seems cheerful with tones of white, pink, green and beige that seem to add energy and vibrancy. The flowers and the big white window with flowing curtains too adds to the femininity.

7. Country feminine living room design idea

The look of the living room in the image is country styled and very feminine. The designer has given focus to every minute detail like the color palette of pastels, wooden finishing and the eclectic spread of accessories anchored all over. The colors like white, pink and cream are predominantly feminine in appearance, and the beauty seems to come alive with wooden elements too brought inside in the form of flooring and pelmet.

8. Fancy feminine living room design idea

The living room in the image seems like a classic blend of traditional and modern. Furniture chosen to decorate are contemporary as well as classy like the ornate center coffee table in deep pink. The table is feminine and stylish. The rug spread under the table is fluffy and is pink too, thereby adding to the elegant feel of the room. The living room is quite spacious with no dark tones that look complex.

9. Cute feminine living room design idea

The French living room looks feminine in all possible ways. It is styled on the lines of a home boutique with various accessories like shoes, jewelry and clutches on full display. The room looks quite retro and informal with black and white striped curtains, ornately carved cabinet and the furniture. The color palette used involves usage of gold, pink and grey tones. The decor looks very dazzling and would enthrall anyone.

10. Elegant feminine living room design idea

If I were a poet, this is the very room where I would have composed many literary works of art for my muse as the room here has been elaborately decorated. Looking at the room, it can be declared that the designer has an eye for beauty as can be seen in every nook and corner. The living room gets a feminine touch with golden tones splashed on the ornate lampshades, chandelier and the curtains that seem to cascade elegantly to impress you. No room can be said to have feminine elements unless there are flowers arranged to enhance the beauty and hence, there are bouquets of pink flowers seen planted all around lending a fresh look.

11. Bright yellow feminine living room design idea

Yellow accents can bring such a change to a decor that it becomes essential to implement such tones when decorating living rooms. The feminine living room looks bright and fresh with floral printed curtains in yellow and cream. The cushions placed on the chunky couch too are yellow in color and spruce up the style quotient. On one corner is arranged a beautiful bushel of flower in an elegant looking vase.

12. Mesmerizing feminine living room design idea

There are a few signs in a room to lend it femininity, and one among these is the use of soft colors like pink. However, it isn’t always the case as can be seen below where the living room has been themed using lots of grey and hints of green tones. These tones too lend a touch of feminism and make the place look serene. The look of the decor is subtle yet appears strikingly appealing.

13. Decorative feminine living room design idea

Its a known truth that flowers accentuate the charm of any house and when we talk of femininity, there isn’t a thing as beautiful as a flower to make a place appear heavenly and womanly! The room below is an exotic living area that is adorned with fresh yellow flowers arranged all over, in a large and ornamental glass vase anchored on the center table and on the wooden rack just above the fireplace. Even the paintings hung bear designs of fresh spring flowers.

14. Floral feminine living room design idea

Floral patterns always help in enhancing the feminine side of a decor. The floral patterned wall in the image looks girly with similar tones and patterns to be seen on cushions as well as the stool placed. The ornate white chair too has upholstery imprinted with floral patterns that make the room appear very charming. The red flowers arranged in a vase at one corner accentuate the feel of femininity.

15. Glitzy feminine living room design idea

On one look around this awesomely decorated living room, you would feel energized instantly as the whole space seems to welcome guests with open arms! The feel generated is euphoric with eclectic mix of colors everywhere. Though, you wont find anything overtly feminine here, yet there are hints of the presence of a woman’s touch.

16. Stylish feminine living room design idea

Who said that black wasn’t feminine? Well, the color is as womanly as any other soft tone like pink as can be witnessed in the image where theme of the decor is black. The black and white patterned trendy chair looks as gentle as the rug spread on the floor. The touch of femininity is also lent by the beautiful pendant light fixture that is designed with pretty flowers and leaves. The look of the room is plush and is most suitable for a female.

17. Vintage blue feminine living room design idea

The living room as is displayed in the image has all accents and settings to show the feminine side of it like the pretty blue tones used all around that are pleasing to the senses. The silken blue curtains cascading down elegantly stir up the gentle side of our personality while the floral patterned motifs on the sofas add to the style. The room is adorned with a number of decorative pieces, each bearing testimony to the presence of a woman’s hands in adorning the interiors.

18. Cozy and elegant feminine living room design idea

For any décor to project its feminine aspect, it needs to be adorned with pastels as well as such accessories that are delicate and offer to please your sensuousness. One can spend their entire day in this easy breezy room that spreads cheerfulness and also freshens you up with its pastel color palette and fresh flowers arrangement.

Your living rooms are reflective of your inner personality. Therefore, you must decorate these places artistically and elegantly. It is upon you to decide whether you want to dress up the room that is feminine in nature. By all means go ahead and adopt any style that your heart fancies as all the above listed ideas are fresh and will remain the flavor of this year.