By | March 4, 2021

Aside from being a place of gathering and spending time with the family, the living room is where we receive and entertain our visitors. It is definitely important to keep this place stylish and updated not only to impress future guests, but to inspire quality time among your family. One perfect way to keep your living room stylish is to incorporate interesting pieces with African influences. Below we have listed 18 living room design ideas with an African touch to get you started.

1. Edgy African wall art

Does your living room feel a little too dainty for you? Well you can always spice things up with an edgy contemporary African wall art like this one here. Guests will surely notice (and praise) this amazing art piece in a heartbeat.

2. Tree silhouette wall decor

If you want to keep your living room décor neat, tidy, and subtle, try this amazing tree silhouette that reminds you of the prairie trees in Africa. The design is minimal yet the effect is both dramatic and astounding! Pair it with colored rugs and curtains for better effect.

3. Rich brown motif

The color brown may not seem appealing for many people, but paired with lavish furniture (preferably wood or brass), intricate carpets or rugs, and unique table centerpieces and you will have a living room that channels the vibe of African luxury.

4. Patterned rugs

Another way of giving your living room an African makeover is to incorporate patterned rugs into the room. These rugs are intricately woven and often come with beautiful tribal designs that can truly wow your guests and family members away.

5. Printed furniture covers

If you’re not into rugs or want something that involves more patterns to contrast with the solid colors of your furniture, using printed furniture covers is the best way to go. These little darlings may not seem much when viewed separately, but put them together and they become a great statement piece for your living room.

6. Leather furniture

For many people, leather – whether faux or real – can give a distinct feel of luxury to any living room. It also makes your furniture look more polished, expensive, and stylish without even doing anything much. Plus, have I mentioned that leather furniture are staple pieces in a contemporary African-inspired living room? You just got to have these!

7. Carved African statues

What better way to channel the African spirit than by displaying these gorgeous carvings from Africa? These statues are made of wood and some incredible artistry and will definitely catch the eyes of anyone who happen to walk into your living room – in a good way!

8. Various animal prints wall décor

This is definitely one of the easiest ways to give your living room a much-needed African makeover! Frame different animal fur prints – zebra, tiger, cheetah, and giraffe – and hang them on your wall. For people concerned on the usage of real animal fur, you can always frame print-outs instead!

9. Black and gold color motif

Traditional African designs often use the black-and-gold motif as it utilizes two of the most abundant yet luxurious resources they have: ebony wood and gold. You can replicate this design too with black furniture pieces accented with gold patterns, much like the one pictured below.

10. African tribal pieces

Traditional tribal tools such as shields, knives, scarves, and many others can also be used to decorate your living room and give it an African edge. You can buy pieces like these in various antique or specialty shops, or maybe in a street-side flea market during one of your travels!

11. The color yellow

The color yellow isn’t just the color of sunshine – it is also the color of the desert! So do not be afraid of this pop of brightness and try incorporating in your living room. You can use it on furniture pieces, accessories, rugs, or even tapestries.

12. Unique African centerpieces

Once your guests are seated down in your plush and comfy chair, what will catch their eye? Your centerpieces of course! So give your living room a dash of mad creativity and quirkiness by displaying some unique African centerpieces such as small statues, contemporary sculptures, vases, or lamps.

13. African decorative masks

Using these decorative masks is definitely a cool way to make your living a little more exciting. Arrange them in different orders, highlight the best and most creative ones, or keep them minimal – whichever way you choose to display them, they are guaranteed to add some spice to your bare spaces.

14. Zebras prancing

For fans of traditional painting medium, nothing will go better in your living rooms than a large oil painting depicting animal life in the safari such as this painting of zebras prancing. Even the simplest living room design can be made better with just one frame of these!

15. Interchangeable safari painting

The best part of having interchangeable paintings such as this is that – right, you guessed it – you can interchange its elements and the painting will still make sense. You can also display all or several pieces alone, depending on your mood!

16. Whimsical metal-wares

Wood and stone aren’t the only material you can use to decorate your living room with African décor. You can also use metals such as brass or copper to deliver a high-class appeal to your interior design. This may come in the form of wall pieces, furniture, centerpieces, and other living room accessories.

17. A shock of crazy colors

If you think African-inspired design is limited to neutral colors, then you are grossly mistaken. You can actually use a crazy mix of colors and designs and still stay true to your living room’s African theme! Furniture pieces like this one, for instance, can brighten up your living room and show your quirky fun side.

18. Signature African art pieces

When developing an African theme for your living room, you can always opt for eclectic signature art pieces instead of traditional furniture pieces for a more vibrant, earthy appeal.

With these 18 amazing designs, your goal of having an ultra cool African-inspired living room is now within reach. Be bold, get creative, but most of all have fun with your designs!