By | March 4, 2021

Green and grey are an all time favorite color combo to be used by many when decorating their homes, specially living rooms since these colors add brightness infused with style and elegance. If you plan to decorate your living rooms as per these glamorous designs, then here is a list that I have composed that would enlighten you about the 16 contemporary grey and green designs meant for your living area. Do take a look:

1. Awesome grey and green living room design

The room is modern in appearance and looks smart with its grey chunky couch and light green cushions that blend easily and look serene to the eyes. The wooden flooring is charming and the whole room looks very cool and huge.

2. Eclectic grey and green living room design

With a bright green grass cloth wallpaper and a cool painting, the room gets a fresh look and appears stylish. The textured green wall matches well with the grey couch and the other

3. Fabulous grey and green living room design

The grey colored sectional sofa and armchair are smart in design and mix well with the fabulously decorated living room that has a very stylish looking oval shaped armchair rested at one side. The whole grey and green palette adds to the charm of the room and lends serenity to it.

4. Compact grey and green living room design

The living room in the image is a small area with a dedicated space for sitting that has a beautiful grey sofa and a window siting place, also equipped with grey mattress and cushion. The light green curtain and a leaf patterned pillow coupled with a green decorative plant vase adds to the charm of this room.

5. Smart grey and green living room design

The smart grey chunky stool cum table along with the white lacquered coffee table placed at the center lends an element of style unparalleled. The room looks elegant with the bright green velvet pillows placed against the white sofa, together with a light green orchid arranged on the stool. The grey and green palette in the room makes it appear serene and very fresh.

6. Plush grey and green living room design

The beauty of the white textured walls of the room on which one can see beautiful motifs gets enhanced with the chunky and modern looking sectional couches that lend a feeling of vastness to the room. The grey palette gets complimented with the green colors present in the cushions and also in the light green sitting stool that looks fantastic.

7. Modern grey and green living room design

The only green palette present in the room is the green plant and pillows that look beautiful against the light painted walls and the area rug that has shades of light grey, spread over the wooden flooring. The grey color is also present in the sofa that is smart and matches well with the modern look of the room.

8. Colorful grey and green living room design

With a myriad of colors adding brightness to this gorgeous room, one can expect to feel relaxed. The light grey curtains and the screen cover look great with the beige painted walls and colorful decor. The center coffee table is also in marigold green and adds charm.

9. Exotic grey and green living room design

The living room looks vibrant since there is a whole lot of color palate to be seen here that includes green, grey, red and black splashed all across the area. The grey colored couch placed adds coolness while blending perfectly well with the bright colors. The yellowish green armchair looks wonderful and so does the pillow that is of the same color.

10. Bright grey and green living room design

The eclectic mix of grey and green colors makes this room appear huge and appealing to the senses. The white sectional sofas match well with the bright green rug spread on the light wooden floor. The modern painting hung on the wall also has some grey shades that look wonderful.

11. Trendy grey and green living room design

The trendy room with its chic decor and cool colors looks absolutely stunning and very fresh. On one side there is a green plant that lends freshness to the room. On the glass table top there are green decorative pieces arranged that are quite smart.

12. Chic grey and green living room design

This living room looks like an attic area that has been beautified with dark green leather couches and trendy looking black and white patterned rug. The cabinet fixed with the wall is grey and houses the fireplace in all possibility. The small book cabinet is a cool blend of wooden finish as well as metallic grey.

13. Picturesque grey and green living room design

The cream tufted ottoman anchored in the middle of the room looks stunning with the transparent glass bowl housing a green plant that lends a cool touch to the light decor of the area. The grayish blue painted walls are serene and make the room look huge. Out of the many decorative pieces, the grey showpiece placed on an ornamental console table catches your attention.

14. Wonderful grey and green living room design

The beauty of this living area gets accentuated with peacock assent colors used in plenty throughout that make it appear royal and very colorful. The walls are painted with light grey color that blends effectively with the green comfy armchairs, paintings and the cushions. The
light white and grey patterned couches too look fabulous and gel well with the classic decor.

15. Gorgeous grey and green living room design

Bright colors like green which is used in ample amounts in this room makes it appear contemporary and wonderful. The light green comfy couch looks smart with the glass top triangle coffee table placed in the center. The feeling of coolness is lent by the green plants kept in the room. The modern grey couch matches well and looks very stylish.