By | March 5, 2021

It may not be a revolutionary idea, but the concept of outdoor living spaces is still fairly recent in the world of home improvements. Nowadays they are extremely popular among home owners with wide open spaces outside of their homes that they can turn into a creative and relaxing spot for their families and guests to lounge on and do fun activities together. Depending on where you are located, the view outside can be priceless as well. So just imagine sitting on your outside sofa, enjoying a fantastic view while sipping some wine or cocktail, and just allowing yourself to relax and unwind. Are you excited yet?

Creating an incredible outdoor living room can be an adventure in its own right. After all, there are a lot of designs, layouts, furniture pieces, and ideas to choose from! Here we compiled the 15 best outdoor living room ideas that we can find all over the internet. Browse through our list and find the perfect inspiration for your home!

1. Using seating cushions instead of sofa sets

Unlike your traditional sofa sets, cushions present a more intimate and homey feel for your living room. You can even put a small table in the middle so you can drink or eat with your guests while comfortably sitting on your cushions.

2. Modern meets rustic design

Achieve the best of both worlds with this outdoor living room design made of both modern and rustic elements. The great thing about this design is you can play around with it and add different accessories within the range of those two main elements!

3. Outdoor living room with vintage country home appeal

This design can definitely remind you of long hot summers spent in the country, with its strong rustic colors and wooden finish. What a great place to relax, read a book, and feel the warm breeze flowing against your skin!

4. Soft and luxurious outdoor living room sofa set

Feel all the tensions and worries of your life fade away just with this luxurious outdoor living room sofa set. The off-white color of the couch is perfect and elegant, while complementing the color of the wooden furniture and floor boards.

5. Garden living room with canopies

One of the best places to put up your outdoor living room is in a garden where there is plenty of light, breeze, and shade to provide you with the level of comfort you need. Accentuate the beauty of your living room set by putting some canopies!

6. Beautiful and elegant polished wood theme

One of the most popular themes for outdoor living room furniture is the polished wood. Its bright finish gives your set a dab of elegance while staying true to the laid back nature of most outdoor living room sets.

7. Gazebo-style outdoor living room

You don’t always need to assemble your outdoor living room in the open. Alternatively, a well-designed and spacious gazebo is a great option too! Aside from giving your outdoor living room some shelter from natural elements, it also adds a nice stylish touch to the whole ensemble.

8. Romantic outdoor setup

Imagine yourself spending some downtime (after a hard day’s work, maybe?) in this outdoor living space with a loved one? Isn’t it great? You can keep yourselves nice warm over the fire while gazing up at the beautiful night sky. What a treat!

9. Create an outdoor niche that is close to nature

What better way to celebrate your outdoor living room than by putting it as close to nature as possible? With the right furniture pieces and decorations, your outdoor niche can look — and feel like — an oasis from an imaginary desert.

10. Colorful and intimate outdoor living room

This super fun and quirky outdoor setup is perfect for anyone who frequently host small family gatherings in their backyards. The small but homey space feels just like an indoor living room, and the colorful decorations can bring a happy vibe to the entire setup.

11. Large and airy beach front living room

Give yourself an awesome view of the beach and the beautiful sunrise/sunsets that come with it with this large and airy outdoor living room set. You can relax here while waiting for the beach barbecue to be ready!

12. Large and spacious backyard living room setup

Don’t scrimp on spaces when you can have this luxurious backyard living room that you can decorate with comfortable chairs, overhead lights, canopies, and cushions.

13. Refreshing tropical outdoor living room

With an outdoor setup, your most common enemy would be the weather. How can you enjoy an outdoor living room if the weather is sweltering hot, right? Well, how about using gigantic umbrellas to shade you from the heat of the sun? You can also incorporate furniture pieces with light and summery colors to brighten up your living room.

14. Rustic outdoor space with bonfire

Relive your campfire days with this kind of outdoor living room! You can even invite your best buddies and sit around the fire while telling stories and making smores. Just like the old times, right?

15. Cute Moroccan-inspired outdoor setup

Moroccans are known for establishing cool outdoor spaces for their family homes, and now you can achieve this too with designs such as the one pictured below.