By | March 4, 2021

Create a welcome and cozy ambiance in your living room for Christmas by decorating the mantel with interesting and elegant decorations. The fireplace is the focal point of the living room, therefore the mantel is the perfect place for displaying greenery and glowing decorations. Well decorated mantel will accent the holiday spirit in the living room and will create calming and cozy ambiance. Decorate the mantel with a creative and awe-inspiring decoration, by following some of the below ideas that we’ve prepared for you.

1. Classy Trim with snowflakes

A green lush trim decorated with sparkling snowflakes is a refreshing treat for the mantel. Additionally, the wreath decorated with shimmery ornaments adds elegant and classy Christmas ambiance.

2. Creative Chalkboard

This is an innovative and creative way to decorate the mantel for Christmas. This chalkboard with an antique handmade frame makes a statement and can beautify your fireplace.

3. Glittery Banner

You can really make a statement above the fireplace by displaying this sparkling Christmas banner. The banner is cheerful and may provide a nice Christmas vibe in the living room.

4. Greeting Ornaments

A garland made of ornaments with letters, which gathered together are completing the basic Christmas greeting is a simple and yet beautiful decoration for the mantel.

5. Lush and Colorful Decoration

The lively and colorful pattern of the stockings in combination with the greenery trim on the mantel are creating a sumptuous and ecstatic atmosphere in the living room.

6. Sparkly Trim

Simplicity is always the best choice. This mantel is decorated with simple natural trim along with basic lights and a few ornaments, and looks ravishing.

7 Toyland Inspired decoration

This mantel is decorated in traditional and yet creative and distinctive way. The solider toys next to the mini Christmas tree look lively and imaginative.

8. Traditional Decorations

This mantel looks like the Santa’s themselves have decorated. This mantel look amazing and Christmassy, decorated with wreath, lush trim and stockings.

9. White Stockings and Snowflakes

This is a great idea of how to decorate the mantel in a minimalist and elegant way. The white plain stockings along with decorative snowflakes, work for a super classy mantel decoration.

10. Lush and Natural decor

Going natural is always a great idea. Decorate the mantel by simply displaying greenery trim and wreath and Christmas candles.

Create a magical mantel and share your decorations and more ideas with us in the comments below.