By | March 4, 2021

Most houses these days are decorated with furniture made of plant material, also known as Wicker furniture that is hot in demand this season. Wicker furniture is not only smart looking but is long lasting as well. These are perfectly suitable to be placed in verandas and porches since these can stand heat and can be moved from one place to another without any damage. Come and take a look at the top 15 unique Wicker furniture ideas for your living rooms:

1. Cozy Wicker furniture for living room

The living room of this fabulously decorated cabin looks simply awesome with sectional white Wicker sofas that are smart and good in appearance. The rug spread on the floor is resistant to water and wear and tear. One can also see a loft that can be reached using the ladder as seen in the picture. The furniture suits the wall color too.

2. Casual Wicker furniture for living room

The brown Wicker sofas look extremely smart with this casual looking living room decor. It matches well with the cushions, the wall color and the side table with a big lampshade.

3. Comfortable living room with Wicker chairs

The living room is a comfortable place for your family to relax and what better way than to chill out on the comfy Rattan chairs that are beneficial in two ways! Firstly, the chairs look awesome and trendy. Secondly, these chairs last for a very long time and can be shifted easily from one room to another. It looks good with the wooden flooring and also the bricked wall.

4. Bright living room with Wicker chair

The beautiful Wicker chair looks awesome against this brightly decorated living room that appears huge and very airy. The colorful curtains and the cushions on the chair add to the glamor quotient. Down under, there is a Wicker basket kept to store artificial flowers and other pieces.

5. Fascinating living room with Wicker furniture

The decor looks great and elegant with this Wicker sofa set and center table. The room seems to shine since the tiles glow and look good with the brown furniture that is durable and smart. The center coffee table is quite unique in appearance and trendy. It is placed over a white rug that lends a cool feel to the room.

6. Eclectic living room with Wicker chairs

The modern look of the room gets enhanced with the two smart Wicker chairs looking trendy with the blue couches. The library with colorful books adds to the beauty and so does the huge dark piano placed in the background. The big white rug looks smart and quite unique too. The Wicker chairs are modern in look and can be used anywhere since these are light weight and durable.

7. Trendy Wicker furniture for living room

The Wicker chairs look extremely attractive. These are very easy to move around but are durable. These look good with floral patterned sofa and center table. The whole wall is covered with various decorative items that look smart with cane furniture fitted with colorful upholstery and cushions.

8. Versatile living room with Wicker furniture

The Colonial styled living room is decorated elegantly with unique and smart Wicker furniture, starting from sofas to the center table. The console or side table too is made of cane and is appealing to the eyes. The light colored walls offer a lovely backdrop for the beautiful furniture that makes the room look ethereal and sophisticated.

9. Stylish Wicker furniture for living room

The Rattan and cane furniture placed in this beautiful tropical living room look absolutely amazing. While, the sofas are made of durable cane and rattan, the center table is made of hard wood resembling a chest. The Ottoman too is built of cane and is fitted with gorgeous red upholstery. The massive plant placed in the middle compliments the whole look along with an antique looking roof fan.

10. Smart Wicker furniture for living room

Here, the living room is decorated with furniture that is smart in appearance and is light weight too. There is only one Wicker furniture here and that is the round center table made of bamboo. Apart from it, there is a mirror hung above the fireplace that is paneled with jute and looks elegant. On the side table, there is a cane plant basket with fresh plant, adding to the serenity of the room.

11. Sophisticated living room with Wicker furniture

The look of this living room is elegant and plush. With white chesterfield sofa and beautiful lilac curtains, the decor looks awesome. The Wicker chair is made of durable cane and is very smart to look. The black cocktail table and vases look good with the furniture.

12. Unique Wicker sofa for living room

The living room gets a trendy look with its unique Wicker sofa that looks pretty chic and very smart. It is not just good in appearance but is also durable and would need less maintenance. The rattan sofa looks cool with the bookshelves and the brown chairs placed in the room. The living room looks industrial in style but very smart.

13. Beautiful Wicker hanging chair for living room

The Rattan hanging chair along with the stool looks stunning with the white bricked wall and the white carpet. Just placed next to the sofa, there is an elephant shaped magazine holder looking beautiful with the decor. The hanging chair looks even more pretty with white cushions placed on it.

14. Eco friendly Wicker furniture for living room

The theme of this beautiful living room is Eco friendly since the upholstery, wall color and curtains used are all made of natural materials including the furniture that is Wicker. The blue cushioned sectional sofas look amazing and light weight. The side and the center tables are all Wicker and made of natural plant material, thereby adding coolness to the room. The glass topped center table is chosen to match the rest of the decor.

15. Chic Wicker furniture for living room

The massive Wicker cane furniture look awesome and makes the whole room look very stylish with its white painted walls and other decorative pieces hung on the wall that includes an oval mirror, and a few smaller ones that add charm to the room.

Wicker furniture is smart and add style to any room and are much loved by many people who need durable and light weight furniture in their houses. This type of furniture comes in variety of designs and materials, ranging from plant fiber to plastic. One can look through the above list and get inspired since I have enumerated some top styles and ideas suited for everyone.