By | March 4, 2021

Bean bag chairs have always decked up living rooms or for that matter any room simply because these look trendy and are very comfortable to rest and relax. Children love the concept of bean bags as these are available in various colors and shapes that kids fancy. In today’s post, I am going to list the top 15 bean bag chair designs for kids that look natty and are unique.

1. Xylophone styled bean bag chair design

Bean bags for kids need to be unique in order to hold the attention and lend some fun. Seen here is a uniquely styled bean bag that resembles a xylophone and is very colorful to look. The primary color used on the bean bag is blue with ‘xylophone dreams’ imprinted on it. The bean bag looks quite funky and is appropriate for boys of all age groups.

2. Unique shark teeth child bean bag chair design

The funny bean bag chair seen below looks quite an attention grabber with a very unique design that resembles a shark’s mouth, wide open to reveal its razor sharp teeth that is all ready to take its first bite of bums that sit on it! The blue and red colors used on the bag look very pleasing and attractive to the eyes.

3. Unique penguin bean bag chair for kids

This bean bag will put a hundred watt smile on your child’s face as the shape of the bag is in the form of a cute little penguin and we all know how much children love these cuddly birds! The penguin bag looks attractive in black with a white patch on the seat that is the bird’s tummy. Every kid would fall in love with this bean bag as it comes with two tapping feet!

4. Purple octopus bean bag chair design for kids

Kids, we all know love animals, whether land or underwater. The bean bag seen below is designed in the shape of a purple octopus that looks cute with two sparkling eyes and a bright sweet smile. Instead of crude tentacles, the octopus here has soft arms that can be twisted any number of times without damaging it. The foam bean bag is durable and can be thrown and tossed for years to come!

5. Creative DIY child bean bag chair design

One can make bean bag chairs for there kids provided such a person has a creative bent of mind and some zeal! This is what can be seen below where the bean bags have been made at home using materials found at home. These colorful bags are made of old bed spreads that have been sewn together to form a patchwork that looks attractive. The bags when anchored in a room cheer up the whole atmosphere.

6. Cute pink Minnie Mouse bean bag chair design for kids

Minnie Mouse is a much loved cartoon character by Disney, adored by millions of kids all over the globe. This cartoon character can now be brought inside your child’s bedroom on bean bags that are imprinted with these cuties. Seen below is a bean bag in pink with polka dots with a big face of a smiling Minnie designed on the back seat. A very adorable design, it is bound to spread lot of happiness around.

7. Cute Hello Kitty bean bag design for kids

Hello kitty bean bags look adorable and cheerful. Seen here is a cute Hello Kitty bean bag with resting side hands and a big imprint of Hello Kitty’s face that is much loved by young girls today. The bean bag has been designed as a comfortable sofa that can be placed anywhere in the house.

8. Silver flower patterned bean bag chair design for children

Bean bags such as the ones seen in the image look stylish and can be anchored in play rooms or bedrooms of kids to add glamor. The two bean bags seen here are designed with silver fabric where the seats are imprinted with big flowers. These bags suit the decor of the play area and are very comfortable for relaxing.

9. Colorful bean bag chair design for kids

A child’s room must look cheerful, and the best way to bring energy into their living space is by anchoring furniture and accessories that are colorful. The image below shows how easily a bean bag can fit a child of this age. The bag is a colorful mix of green, orange, blue, gold, white and black, adding a vibrant touch to the room. The eclectic green comes alive with other shades splashed all over the bag.

10. Fascinating Christmas design kids bean bag chairs

The feel of Christmas can now be preserved forever in your children’s bean bags that are adorned with characters reminding you of the Cheerful festival. Seen here are a few bean chairs that look cute with each of the bags imprinted with the face of Santa, Snowman, and a host of others that would make anyone feel good and very cheerful. It is a fun way to spruce up the fun factor in your kid’s living room.

11. Colorful Toy Story bean bag chair for kids

Toy story is a famous animated movie series to have received worldwide accolade, and children are always found to be eager to bring these characters inside their rooms, either in the form of wall papers or bean bags. The bean bag seen in the picture is designed with a host of characters from the Toy Story series and looks quite attractive. It is bound to spread joy and positivity in your child’s bedroom.

12. Sleeping bear bean bag chair design idea for kids

The giant bean bag chair seen below is perfect to be used both inside the house as well as outdoors. It is designed in the shape of a sleeping bear and is brown in color. Both kids as well as grown ups can use it comfortably. Such types of bean bags add fun to your room and are a little different from the usual types that we see everywhere.

13. Cute tractor design kids bean bag chair

A bean bag like the one you all can see below is suitable to be kept in any area of your house, especially your child’s bedroom as it is bright red in color and has a cute shape of a tractor imprinted on the seat. The border lining is designed with white and red checks that makes the beige appear very attractive. Your kid will definitely fall in love with this bean chair as it is youthful.

14. Funny animal bean bag chair design idea for children

Animals, whether small or big, wild or pet are loved by kids of all age groups. Why not incorporate these creatures when you think of decorating their rooms with bean bags that are designed in the shape of elephants, boars and otters? Here is a bean bag that is designed as an otter and looks simply cute and very adorable. A kid can easily fit here and will not budge as the bag is awesome in looks.

15. Cute elephant bean bag chairs for kids

Do you want to bring in some innovative changes when designing your kid’s bedrooms or play areas? Well, here is presenting the super cool bean bag chair design that would make every child jump with joy! The cute elephant bean bag as seen below looks unique and is very appealing to kids of all ages. The bag comes with a grey fabric cover and resembles an elephant with a trunk that can be used either as a head rest or can simply be put down.

Bean bags are fashionable to look and some of the designs shown in the post suit any type of room. Even adults can use such bags without having to worry about damaging them. A kid’s room must be designed with the choicest of accessories that bring cheerfulness and fun. Choosing such creative bags will definitely help your kid have a relaxing time in his or her room. Choose the one that your child adores.