By | March 5, 2021

There comes a time in your life when you think your living room design is all set — until of course you find one great piece of furniture that you just have to incorporate to your already existing set. But this seemingly innocent act can thoroughly affect your entire design, may it be for better or for worse. If you’re finding yourself in this situation, try our 12 tips in adding furniture to your living room.

1. Choose visually lighter objects for small rooms

Adding a new piece of furniture to you living room set can be tricky, as it can throw off the precious balance of your entire design. So if you need or want to add up to your pre-existing set, choose objects that are not only light in weight but in the eyes as well. This way, it won’t take up much space.

2. Opt for pieces that can complement your old ones

The latest addition to your living room set may be beautiful and stylish and expensive, but does it go along with the rest of your furniture? Or will it just stand out like a painful sore thumb? It is important that in some ways, your new furniture can look as if it really belongs in there, and not as if you simply forced it to.

3. Bring out a new focal point

A focal point is an essential part of any room design, as it is the glue that keeps all the elements of your design together. By putting a new focal point in your living room, you will not only freshen up the entire area, but put some interesting new spin to it as well!

4. Add furniture items that’ll blend in with your existing theme

Unless you’re planning to discard or re-vamp your living room’s existing theme, it always helps to add furniture pieces that will go along with this. This may limit your shopping choices, but it will undeniably make your living room set more cohesive.

5. Provide contrast with your new furniture

Sometimes incorporating pieces that will pop out nicely from a see of furniture with a similar theme can come out nicely. Keep an eye for these interesting pieces and use them wisely and sparingly all over your living room.

6. Choose items that will add to your living room’s space

Space is so important in design that if only there exists such a thing as unlimited space, we’re sure to grab it. Unfortunately, space is also very limited and this is why it’s important to choose items that can make it seem as your living room is more spacious than it really is!

7. Avoid bulky furniture, opt for sleek ones

Sleek furniture pieces are not only incredibly stylish and posh-looking, but they tend to save space too. If they go well with your design, opt for items that are streamlined and not bulky and heavy.

8. Make use of extra lighting by adding window seats

Window seats are a nice addition to any living room design as it drives attention to your windows and the light it gives. They are also very elegant and romantic, perfect for anyone who loves a glamorous and nostalgic feel for their living room. Plus, who can say no to that wonderful lighting?

9. Try adding multipurpose furniture

If you’re up to the task of keeping your living room design convenient, practical, and easy, then try employing some multipurpose furniture set. With this you not only save space, but you also create a renewable/interchangeable theme for your living room.

10. Take space into consideration

Before adding anything else to your existing living room set, ask yourself whether the room has enough space for more furniture. If the answer is yes, then use that space wisely. If the answer is no, then you may want to rethink that decision. After all, your top priority is to keep your living room a livable, comfortable spot!

11. Don’t block existing furniture

If you’re still convinced on putting more pieces of furniture in your living room, by all means you have the freedom to do so. Just remember to arrange everything so that there will be a clear traffic path of furniture and that you won’t block any existing pieces.

12. Keep everything simple and clutter-free

When all is said and done, the best way to design any room is to keep the entire theme and its various elements simple and clutter-free. This will eventually contribute to how you will perceive your living room in the first place. Simple and clutter-free rooms are more well-received than the wildly patterned ones.

Adding new pieces to your living room may be a little tricky to balance and layout, but nothing should stop you from improving your overall design. Just keep these tips in mind while shopping for new pieces to incorporate and hopefully you won’t have a hard time doing your shopping!