By | March 5, 2021

Adding modern day sofa beds to your living room furniture fulfills two objectives, it acts as the mandatory evergreen sofa plus it transforms as a bed to make that extra space available without taking up unnecessary space. Whenever you feel bored of your mundane bedroom area and you feel like sleeping or resting at some more classy and spacious part of your home then you can opt for that cool sofa bed in your living room. Other than the aesthetic benefits and space utilization which comes along with sofa beds, one more convenience it presents is that it takes the pressure off your pockets. Because you don’t have to buy a sofa and a bed separately if you have a limited budget and space constraints. Keeping the benefits of sofa beds in mind, we have compiled a catalogue of the best 10 modern day sofa beds for your living room.

1. Sleep sofa bed with elegant chandelier in living room

The soothing white sleep sofa bed with embroidered pillow and sheet and a matching rug enhances the elegant look and feel of this living room.

2. Casual dark sofa bed with light surroundings

Here we see a casual setting of a dark colored sofa bed and contrasting white table and surroundings making this living room a perfect place for a relaxation.

3. Green colored sofa bed in a minimalistic themed living room

Below is a plain green yet classy piece of sofa bed furniture installed in some minimalism-loving owner’s living room, the black rug and the chrome lamp adds up to the charm too.

4. Bright Orange Sofa bed in an uber-cool designed living room

The sheer brilliance of architecture is amplified by the orange colored sofa bed used in this living room. The ambiance of the whole place is just so engrossing.

5. Super cool sofa bed in a plain spacious living room

The brilliantly designed sofa bed shown below with a mattress-style extension on the floor makes this living room an irresistible space in your home with white flowing curtains in the background.

6. Sofa bed in the midst of a color splashed living room

The colors spread all across this living room enhances the beauty of the simple and subtle sofa bed placed aesthetically.

7. Pure leather sofa bed in a metropolitan living room

The pure leather L-shaped sofa bed placed precariously in this metropolitan and suave living room over-looking the city horizon makes the whole experience all the more sophisticated.

8. Sofa bed in a simple and classy looking living room

The plain and spacious sofa bed is surrounded by all the essential accessories that make up a complete living room.

9. Super comfortable sofa bed in an awesome living room

The look which this living room generates with all the pieces of furniture perfectly placed and arranged around the cool and comfortable sofa bed is one of the best you can recreate for your own home.

10. Large black sofa bed with contrasting rug

What we see here is a contrast of sort created by adding the light charcoal colored rug along with the large black sofa bed in a calm and clear living room space.

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