By | March 5, 2021

The entrance to the main hall or living room of your home is often decorated with a boring looking door mat, an eyesore that ought to be done away with! Door mats need not be dull and one can take ideas from my post that is going to broaden your knowledge regarding choosing the right type of mat that is creative and quite stylish in appearance. Listed below are the top 40 door mat ideas that are creative and are meant to redefine your living room style. This is the first part of this article that is going to list 20 creative ideas for door mats. Come take a look.

1. Creative “metro sewer” door Mat Idea

A very creative door mat idea, it is bound to generate lot of interest in people who visit this house! The mat resembles a sewer top that looks real with a similar kind of appearance as that of a sewer. It is round in shape and is placed right outside the entrance towards the steps.

2. Crazy pom pom mat

Thinking of changing your dull and shabby looking mat that is ruining the look of your living area? Well, go buy some pom poms and make yourself a very pretty and bright colored mat, as in the picture below to style up your living area. These brightly colored pom pom mats add vibrancy to the room and can be used anywhere.

3. Animal skin mat for living room

These mats look stunning in any kind of decor, whether modern or traditional. Animal skin mats or rugs are a popular choice when it comes to decorating your living quarters as these add style and elegance to any place. The white furry sheepskin mat looks appealing against the brown tiled flooring.

4. Pebble mat idea for living room

Pebble mats are in vogue these days. These mats are smart to look and suit every type of home and space. The mats seen in the image are suitable for summers as these look cool and are perfect for warm weather.

5. Creative fruity door mat for living room

The door mat in the picture is such a creative piece of art that it actually motivates kids to eat lots of colorful fruits! Yes, the ‘fruity’ mat looks yummy indeed with different fruits imprinted on it. It can be placed both inside kid’s rooms or outside since it is heat resistant and can be easily washed.

6. Illuminated mat for living room

A very trendy looking mat, it looks quite elegant against the white floor of the living room. The mat is made of knitted rope with bulbs inbuilt to create an illuminating effect. This idea suits living rooms of all kinds and designs.

7. Welcome Kitties door mat for living room

The door mat at the entrance of the front door looks eye catching with seven black cute little kittens ready to welcome your guests! The kitties with red ribbons look cute against the light brown coir mat.

8. Colorful braided mat for living room

These mats involve lot of shades ranging from red, white, green and blue that lend a striking touch to the style of the living area. Such bright mats can be fitted anywhere in your room , like, as coasters or as table mats. The choices are varied but the best way to put them is near the entrance.

9. Funny door mat for living room

The door mat seen in the picture is quite funny and makes you smile instantly with its blatant humor. The light beige brownish mat with ‘The neighbors have better stuff’ inscribed on it looks quite funky and is stylish too. The person who thought of designing such stuff must be a very humorous man!

10. Inspirational family door mat for living room

When you visit a household as a guest and on the first glance, see a doormat with ‘live, love, laugh’ printed on it, the immediate reaction invoked within is that of awe and happiness. The mat seen in the image projects a positive attitude that the ‘Surges Family’ has for life and for its guests that are always made to feel special!

11. Colorful wooden door mat for living room

Sometimes, adding a little color to your doormats sounds like a good idea in case you wish to make your living quarter stylish and funky. Seen in the image is a wooden door mat that looks vibrant with many bold colors that lend warmth to the room. The mat looks not just smart but trendy too.

12. Roundel door mat for living room

This type of door mat with something written on it looks very natty. On the mat is printed ‘Shut the front door’ which reminds any passerby to pay heed to whatever has been ordered right there on the mat! It is round in shape and looks good with the bold writing and wooden flooring.

13. Cool leather belt door mat for living room

Door mats need not always be purchased from expensive outlets , but can also be made at home. Yes, it just needs a little bit of imagination and some unused or old items stored away in drawers to convert them into smart looking mats that can spruce up your style quotient. In the image is a door mat made of old leather belts of dark colors.

14. Recycled patch work door mat for living room

The colorful patchwork mat looks very bright and adds color to your room. It is made of old and worn out scraps of your favorite denim jeans and other clothes that you have not worn for ages. The various scraps of clothing have been cut and stitched into circles to form a trendy looking doormat.

15. Colorful Halloween door mat for living room

Halloween is a time to add some spookiness to life and what better way than to bring in some festive spirit right at the doorstep! Yes, your door mat at the front door can be transformed to look appealing and creative with an imprint of a witch’s boots, a broom and a hat. The mat in the image looks quite interesting and colorful.

16. A skeleton feet stenciled door mat for living room

Plain and simple rugs can be transformed by stenciling them with various beautiful motifs and designs. The plain beige coir mat has been modified to look smart by stenciling the feet of a skeleton in black. The motif looks unique and catches your attention. Likewise, you can stencil many different kinds of motifs using imagination and creativity.

17. Cute heart shaped door mat for living room

Doormats come in various shapes and sizes, each having its own beauty and style. One can add a cute element to his or her living room by buying heart shaped doormats in colors of red and pink that lend coolness to eyes. The two heart shaped mats seen below look very cute and are perfect if you have girls living with you!

18. Eclectic door mat for living room

Traditional is sometimes boring, and hence it becomes necessary to bring some change. This applies to your door mats too that need to look good for you to feel great about your house. The mat seen below is simple grey in color with a logo of an arrow and a statement ‘slide to unlock’ imprinted on it. The whole design looks funky and has a humorous element too.

19. Personalized checklist door mat for living room

Such door mats as the one seen below bring some refreshing change to the mundane types that are usually seen in homes of people. The mat as you can see looks personalized and can be done at home using a spray paint and a good stencil to form clear letters. The checklist consists of phone, wallet and keys that works as a reminder for the owners to carry these items always when going out. Quite a wise idea, I must say!

20. Beautiful patterned door mat for living room

The door mat in black looks very ornamental indeed! The mat is semi circular and patterned with floral designs that look beautiful. The best part about using this mat is its ability to take off dirt from your shoes the moment you scratch them against the stretchy material of the mat.